2-1B Medical Droid

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The 2-1B surgical droid was the result of a joint development project between Industrial Automaton and a small medical company known as Geentech during the final years of the Galactic Republic. It was developed in response to most medical droid models being unable to deal with sudden complications and to foresee unpleasant side effects in patients. Also, many patients were distrustful of being operated on by a droid. Geentech was able to address the first of these two problems by installing an advanced analytical and diagnostic computer in the 2-1B, making it an extremely intelligent droid unit. When the prototype matrices were completed, they were sent to the Rhinnal State Medical Academy where several of the top physicians in the galaxy enhanced its programming even further by integrating heuristic processors.


The 2-1B series was humanoid, with many of its internal components visible through a translucent torso sheath. A 2-1B model's arms featured exceptional joint articulation with precision-crafted servogrip pincers at the end of each limb. Sometimes, in certain operations, these pincers could be removed and replaced with multiple arm attachments containing various medical tools and software packages, including hypodermic injectors and cutting saws.

The droid model was highly advanced and intelligent with its programming being further advanced by some of the top physicians in the galaxy at the Rhinnal State Medical Academy, which also integrated heuristic processors. The most useful characteristic of the 2-1B droids was the ease with which owners could update their programming and appendages. A 2-1B droid could easily become a specialist in neurosurgery, podiatry, pediatrics, cybernetic limb replacement, and alien biology with a trip to a certified service center.