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  • Regeneration
  • Rapid Healing
  • No Depth Perception
  • Primitive


  • Language (Abyssin)
  • Survival at 50
  • Brawling at level of Dexterity


The Abyssin are Humanoid bipeds that have long limbs and well-muscled bodies. Their upper and lower jaws protrude slightly, forcing their teeth to be visible unless the Abyssin makes a concentrated effort to keep his or her teeth from view. The most Alien feature on the Abyssin is the single eye in the center of their foreheads. The pupil of the eye is slitted much like that of a reptile.

The regenerative ability of the Abyssin has greatly affected their culture. This means that most Abyssin will resort to violence first and worry about consequences later. The Abyssin love violence and fighting and this approach to physical violence confuses many offworlders. In fact, many offworlders believe that they are a savage and brutal race. While the Abyssin love physical combat, they are slightly less pleased about a blaster battle, and are even less pleased to be involved in a starship battle (After all you cannot regenerate after a ship explodes and your atoms are scattered across space.) This dislike of starship battles has made some Abyssin severely dislike starships altogether.

It should be noted that the Abyssin themselves do not think of their race as violent or savage. Even during the most violent "blooding", most of the Abyssin involved will be injured, not killed.


An Abyssin can be seen in A New Hope in the cantina after Obi-Wan slices off Ponda Baba's arm. The planet Byss that they hail from is not the same Byss that Palpatine hid on between ROTJ and Dark Empire.

Height and Weight

5'7" 150lbs

5'8" 155lbs

5'9" 160lbs

5'10" 165lbs

5'11" 170lbs

6'0" 175lbs

6'1" 180lbs

6'2" 190lbs

6'3" 200lbs

6'4" 210lbs

6'5" 220lbs

6'6" 230lbs

6'7" 240lbs

6'8" 250lbs

For each inch over the height of 6'8", add +10 pounds to the average weight.