Adhar Gann

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Adhar Gann

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Captain
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Corellia
Organization: Array Consortium
Ship: Moonstormer


Adhar Gann is a Corellian trader and smuggler, and captain of the Moonstormer. He is recently late of the worlds along the Perlemian Trade Route, now based out of Nar Shaddaa. Though a contractor with the recently renewed private military company, Rebel Yell, his real affiliation is Senior Captain of the very newly-formed smuggler association, the Array Consortium.

Character Capsule

On the surface a very grim and serious man, Adhar is an incredibly passionate and driven soul - driven to whatever task he adopts, that is. Very much one who has been known to throw himself into the maelstrom, he has a personal code that drives him to support freedom wherever he can, however he can; light-sided thinking, though his methods of execution are very gray indeed. Trustworthy to those he does not consider an enemy, he is nonetheless often unsettling to others in his drive and seeming single-mindedness, even though he most often does not simply jump without consideration and research. On the other hand, he can have an idiot streak a mile wide, when it deigns to surface...


Theoretically, he could have been like those one might find on the streets of any farming planet. Brawny and barrel-chested, nearly six feet in height, Adhar could have been any farmer or laborer's son. Somewhere in his twenties, a mop of black curls crowns a handsome face with a high, sharp cheekbones, a hawkish nose and a broad chin swathed in fresh stubble. His dark eyes glitter with intelligence, even curiosity - but his lips are set in a frown that threatens to drown the light of youth forever with its look of unremitting disapproval.

He wears a spacer's shipsuit, the rich blue fabric of the coverall dotted with pouches, rings, and tool loops. Areas of the suit are padded, even stiff, suggesting armor panels underneath. The legs of the suit are tucked into a pair of black boots, whose thick metal soles are capable of being magnetized for safety. A heavy belt girds his waist, carrying still more tools. Over all of this, he wears a voluminous, calf-length frock coat of richly tanned leather, royal blue with asymmetrical lapels faced in cream. The lining is darker blue, and studded with pockets; the coat's rectangular buttons are plated in a golden metal, and its cuffs and hem are trimmed in a similarly-colored thread. At the left shoulder, a patch has been embroidered, a seal showing three blank cards over a golden orb. Ostentatious? Perhaps, but there's no denying that this fellow wears his colors well.


Adhar was born to a husband-and-wife team of freight haulers out of Corellia: born in the void, raised on board a bulk freighter, and with an education spanning a hundred worlds by as many different hired spacehands, Adhar's childhood was atypical, but only by the count of terrestrial folk. Having a curious mind, he often found himself digging through the manifests, learning as much about the curious sorts of things the peoples of the galaxy consider valuable - much more so the goods found in the curious spaces in some of the cargo containers loaded on board, which his parents hauled to supplement their relatively flat hauler's income. This, in fact, became his favorite thing to do as a boy: get into cargo boxes, discover what people /really/ pay for, and dream about the day when he could haul the same without /too/ many moral circuits bypassed. After all, if it was good enough for his mother and father, why couldn't he carry on the family business? Mind you, if his mother found out, she'd kill him.

Eventually, his mother did find out. She didn't kill him, though. At the age of seventeen, after years of learning the trade, Adhar managed to start doing a little smuggling of his own: on the run from Deservro to Taanab, Adhar had managed to pick up some proscribed holographic media and seed vials - nothing necessarily illegal, mind you, but certainly not for pious eyes or the carefully imported ecology of the Inner Rim world. When his mother discovered the bounty hiding in a previously sealed container of frozen food packets (he thought he'd sealed it properly again!) the gig was up...not just for Adhar, but for his father as well. She went ballistic, and thinking that father and son were in it together, demanded that Adhar be sent away to apprentice on another ship where such things did not go on.

She sent him to crew with his uncle, her own much older brother. This was, unfortunately, no improvement; Adhar's uncle was far bigger rascal than his father ever thought of being, and his education as a smuggler only /exploded/ under the elder man's tutelage. On board his vessel, the aging but extremely well-maintained Mon Calamari freighter Pride of Corellia, Adhar worked with his uncle's crew and learned a wide variety of skills not at all fitting an upstanding member of the galactic community: skullduggery, blaster tricks, how to cram fifty thousand credits' worth of Ryll spice into a workman's thermos canister and not manage to sweat yourself into a coma carrying it past Imperial customs. You know. Life skills. This is how things truly began for our young friend.

A few years ago, his uncle took a bad fall while trying to escape from Republic authorities during a 'cargo' transfer that went very poorly. The end result was a broken hip and leg, and the Pride requiring a transponder reset. It was at this time that Adhar's uncle announced that he was retiring, and in the grand old tradition of Corellian spacers handed down his ship to Adhar, his nephew and protege, to carry on the family business. Which he has, in fact, done...albeit on a fairly minor scale as of right now. Having renamed the ship Lady of Taanab after his mother and that fateful moment that sent him along his life's path, the young smuggler is content to earn his own name now, but without being too greedy. He's confident, but not cocky. Or stupid.


Current History

Since arriving on Nar Shaddaa, Adhar's life has been...exciting. While initially hauling loads of blaster parts and glitterstim between the urban moon and Kessel, he has since begun amassing a small fortune trading more legitimate goods - such that he has managed to secure a private hangar and operational space, as well as a new ship. Though the Lady of Taanab was the vessel he grew up with, it rapidly became time for him to establish a vessel of his own, and thus a legacy of his own. Perhaps in the future he may pass on the Voidhome to someone else, but for now, his legend begins here.

There might also be the fact he used the Lady to dump a full load of cargo on a group of First Order transports and stormtroopers in order to fail a forced recruitment operation. But that's just rumor. Seriously. Ahem.

He has also made connections with many of the independent factions of Nar Shaddaa, though with varying degrees of success. His little cargo drop secured him friends in Rebel Yell and the Resistance, as well as helped cement his budding friendships with the Zeltrons, Stavros Niarkos and Siya. Seeing evidence of the First Order's tactics, to say nothing of witnessing the Force wizardry of Kylo Ren, has lit a spark inside him that has driven him to embrace the support of freedom like never before: he has even begun the groundwork of establishing a settlement on the New Republic world of Kalarba, ideally for victims of the slave trade, but this effort is far too new to yet find any traction. Driven, yes, but that drive has brought up a lot of questions among the people he knows. Only time will bear out the results.

In addition, Adhar has begun organizing independent smuggler captains to form the Array Consortium, which grants protection and solidarity to said traffickers and gray-traders without the patronage of a criminal organization. Though this enterprise is also new, it has begun to attract attention and has similar promise.

Relations With Others

Wodi Corcer Currently, first mate. Good smuggler. Skilled. But...oh, I know about him, I do. He's only dabbled in the dark trade, and ditched it quickly for all the right reasons - but you can never leave what you did behind. I'll see that he does penance, one way or another. I'd prefer that it be friendly.

Mandl My good friend. Biths that go offworld these days tend to be weird, and I end up with all the weirdos anyway - so it's good that I have such a good friend as this guy in my circle.

R5-DT Well, that one was a surprise. Shoot anyone who tries to run a memory wipe on him, though.

Siya A good soul. One of my favorites, in fact, and someone who's easy to trust. I like knowing people that I can't lie to. Keeps me honest. Just hope it doesn't end up biting me in the end, as I am terrible with women.

Stavros This guy. What is it about Zeltrons ending up my good friends? He thinks he's keeping me out of trouble, but then asks me to help him clear out a ship full of old killer robots for salvage. You know, like responsible adults do. Still. Good man.

Kasia Ashkuri Well, I never knew how badly one misunderstanding could screw up your chances of having a good relationship with someone, but I guess this lady's going to show me the way. Me and my stupid mouth.

Sar Yavok An old gun. Not nearly as responsible as he tries to make himself seem, and everyone knows it. I like him, though. Hope he succeeds, wherever he's going.

Trillian Taim Nice girl from a very rich family, wants to earn her own name. I respect that. Now if only she can do it without getting herself killed...

Tarion Tavers Who the hell robs a dying man in front of his friends? This guy, apparently. Better hope he didn't do worse than he said he did. No forgiveness, no forgetting.

Rhani Aeternum That girl. That. Girl. No, that woman. And they say fireworks don't go off between people at first sight.

RP Hooks

Smuggler: Adhar is a smuggler of above-average ability, and possessed with great drive. Roleplay centering around delivering goods (or people - but no slaves) is a specialty (see Log:Resistance:_Beer,_Bacta,_and_Business.)

Slave-Springer: Adhar has a deep and abiding hatred of the slave trade, and for those who engage in it. Roleplay concerning busting slavers and smugglers who run slaves is also a great hook.

General Idiocy: While INCREDIBLY passionate, and rather competent as a smuggler, Adhar has a magical ability to shove his foot into his mouth to the ankle. Want a scene involving a ridiculous misunderstanding? HE'S YOUR GUY.

Resistance-Friendly: Ever since witnessing a First Order kidnapping squad shooting up an innocent settlement for its children - and the apparent reality of darkside space wizards (see Log:Spoiled_Harvest) - Adhar has gotten an extreme hate on for the Imperial remnant. Another excellent way of getting him on your side is to tell him how he can help the war effort. Oho.