Alana Zee

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Green eyes are framed by archaic wire-rimmed spectacles for close work; when the spectacles are not in use they're placed meticulously into a small hard case that is tucked into a inside breast pocket. Her narrow delicate-featured face, with a sharp nose and chin and small mouth, is framed by shoulder-length tousled dishwater-blonde hair, streaked with lighter shades; it could do with a wash and brush, seriously. She's a little under average height, probably a hundred pounds soaking wet. She's wearing a faded jacket, into which the aforementioned spectacle case rests, a man's shirt with no collar, dusty pants, serviceable ankle boots, and a utility belt at her waist. She wears no jewellery save for a simple set of diamond studs, one in each ear.


Alana's childhood was spent being educated in the School of Life, as the saying goes. Life in her case was spent flying under law enforcement radar, because her father was a fence, a dealer in stolen goods. The life of a fence is treading a fine line, not pissing off the wrong people on either side of the law, and luckily for Alana and her family, Rimal Zee was talented at doing just that. He and Alana's mother, Tul Zee, taught Alana everything she needed to know to following in his footsteps - the ability to judge an item's worth, the ability to read someone's tells, and all the math and reading and writing needed to account properly for her chosen (for her) profession. By the time she was fourteen she was already bargaining with the scum of the 'verse over minor items and routine negotiations, under close supervision at first but then being left to her own devices. When she's not haggling over this or that item to be fenced, she's reading or sleeping. She reads a lot. Sleep, not so much.

Then came Rimal's and Tul's arrest, trial and imprisonment by local law enforcement. Significant, yes. But not in the way that you might imagine. She looks on it not as a loss, because the fatalistic side of her says that Rimal's apprehension was inevitable, but as an opportunity. She was already quietly watching her father's business, noting weaknesses and deficiencies, trying to bring them to his attention but being rebuffed, because Rimal is an arrogant man. Now she has the opportunity to put her theories into practice. Oh, Rimal and Tul will be released eventually, if they don't fall victim to the worst excesses of the prison system, and Alana will greet them as family when they do. But she'll not be handing anything back to them. Instead, they'll work for her.

RP Hooks

  • Farsighted. Has to wear glasses for reading and close-work
  • Reads voraciously
  • Recently arrived on Nar Shaddaa
  • Working on building her little network of criminal connections
  • Lives in the Noddreck Apartments
  • Loves to bargain, haggle, and negotiate