Alexis Carew

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A work in progress


Born and educated by two loving parents on Jedha Alexis knew both hardship and love. Her mother was a physician and her father worked as a tradesman modifying and repairing weapons. It was said that her father was once with the Rebels of years gone past though he never really spoke of it. Her mother was determined to get Alex, as she was called, trained to take over her work as a Doctor and she actually excelled at this with a natural born inclination. Her father taught her skills in weapons handling but due to her size most rifles were out of the question but with a pistol she was pretty darn good. Both of these activities Alex excelled at and she loved doing both.

Living under the thumb of the Empire Alex grew jaded against oppression. She saw it daily in her travels in Holy City of NiJedha. So at age 18, much to her parents chagrin but support, she left Jedha and joined the Republic. With her skills she was pipelined through the medic training and she found she loved it. Working with the grunts yet still able to practice medicine she thrived! It was home to her. That is till the first order came about. When Leia Organa formed the Resistance she immediately signed up. Now, 10 years after that first fateful day of joining she has found a new home and a new flock to look after.


Resistance Combat Medic. Details coming soon.

RP Hooks

Coming soon