Aliisza Milai Sikkoa

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Aliisza Milai Sikkoa

Title: "Princess Doom Claws"
Race: Zygerrian
Sex: Female
Occupation: Armorer
Profession: Spy/Armorer
Homeworld: Ztgerria
Organization: Freelance
Ship: Tosan's Pride

Aliisza Sikkoa has newly arrived upon the pad of Nar Shadda. She is claiming t be a bit of a tinkerer with weapons, armorer perhaps? But she has that 'look' about here that might trigger certain memories among those that may have once been a slave or dealt with her people's Slave Empire.


Standing confidently at just a touch over the five and a half foot mark, Aliisza is willowy and slender in figure, and serene in presence. Her eyes are arresting, large and startlingly intelligent, full thick lashes surrounding vibrant green orbs that don't miss much, and set under finely arched ash grey eyebrows always quirked as if in polite question. The twin sets of nub horns angling up over the prominent ears. She looks like the species that she is, one that has lent fear into more tha na few generations. All lightly tanned skin and delicate features with a delicately pointed chin, and high, noble-born cheekbones give her face a slightly wild look. As if she should be a vixen dodging through the underbrush.

Her hair is a thick mass, the color a rich deep grey, bordering on steel. A few locks around her face have been left loose to soften her features. Behind her long upright ears, the rest has been gathered into a thick, intricate braid. The braid usually pulled up to rest down her front, falling nearly to her belly button. The gathered and braided hair bares her slender, pale throat, with its long, swan-like grace.

This is a new look it would seem. A satin crop-top draped over what assets she has to a good advantage. The upper swells of your bust are just visible through the neckline of the top. The color a deep burgundy, just dark enough to act as a foil to the rich hue of her skin. Following her gentle curves, slender waist is teasing into the flare of her hips, accentuating the flat, tone of her stomach. Her belly button is a cute innie that dimples the smooth plains almost playfully.

Distressed leather pants snug to her legs almost like an old friend. Scratches and gashes actually through the raven dark leather showing that these might have seen some battle. Knee high boots cinched tight accentuate the curve of her calves within the sturdy footwear.

Over all of this is a dark armored jacket of mixed origin. The collar rises in a high nuru style collar lifting in the back to protect the column of her neck, and riding down to where the jacket can fasten closed with three military buckles before flaring back out as almost a kama shape to the backs of her knees. The sleeves and shoulders are decorated in swirling golden patterns as if the constellations were each stacked from wrist to wrist across the sleeves and back of the jacket.

Buckled under the jacket is a thick leather belt that could hold the tools of her trade, as well as some of that she may work upon.


From the recordings of a reporter who got a bit pushy.

What is there to say about running from your past? A bad childhood? Ex lovers that won’t take no to a proposal? A pathway littered with death, dismemberments, and disappointments? How about all of the above?

I guess I could weave you a tale like that if you really wanted me to. But my folk are rarely believed when we give such tales anyway. You see, I’m from the Zygerrian folk. Yes, those slavers. But if you touch my ears, I will have to stab you in the spleen, or whatever organ your species has for the same effect.

RP Hooks

  • Tinker - Aliisza claims to be one that can upgrade or maybe just tweak your blasters to get a little more out of them.
  • Watched - There may or may not be a small collection of individuals keeping track of this girl.

Connected Vessels

Connected Organizations

  • None at the moment - But she is taking applications for her services.

Additional Images

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