Alpha-class XG-1 Star Wing

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Cygnus Spaceworks

Alpha-class XG-1 Star Wing

Assault Starfighter

? credits (New)

Max Space Speed

Hyperdrive rating

Laser Cannons (2)
Concussion Missile Launcher (2)
Ion Cannons (2)


Minimum crew


Cargo capacity

Patrol Craft

Background and History

The 10-meter-long XG-1 Star Wing gunship was based on a tri-wing design similar to the Lambda-class shuttle, another craft that Cygnus Spaceworks designed. Like the Lambda shuttle, the Star Wing has a fixed dorsal wing flanked by a pair of lateral folding wings. When landing, the lower wings folded upwards. However, the XG-1 has a sleeker cockpit and warhead/engine pods along the side of the hull. When in flight position, the wing configuration resembled a flattened five-point star, thus the name "Star Wing." It was one of the few Imperial star fighter models to incorporate a standard hyperdrive and deflector shields.


The XG-1 was a relatively large craft, which enabled it to accommodate a hyperdrive and deflector shields. However, it was not particularly fast and had an average level maneuverability, making it mediocre in space superiority. The starfighter also borrowed the standard reactor design from the TIE series, which, like those fighters, was mounted directly on the tail of the craft. The starfighter was powered by a pair of Cygnus 4K7 Dual Line ion engines.


Its standard armament consists of two chin mounted laser cannons, two ion cannons above the cockpit, and a pair of general purpose warhead launchers. The standard payload was sixteen concussion missiles, eight per launcher, though depending upon the mission the Star Wing could alternatively carry twelve proton torpedoes, eight heavy rockets, or four heavy space bombs. The Star Wing could also be modified to carry a tractor beam projector. As many have fallen into private hands as Imperial surplus, numerous vessels have been upgraded to carry different loadouts over the past thirty years.