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Amallia Madine is the captain of the VCX-100 Light Freighter Heliost. A distant relative to General Crix Madine, Amallia has the namesake of a legend without the credentials to back it up. She's a former pilot for the New Republic, but was court martialed for her conduct during a highly-classified Military Operation known as Operation Black Rain. After landing herself on Nar shaddaa, she lucked into running cargo for a wealthy benefactor who supplied her with her very own ship and the means to move cargo about the galaxy. While the goods she transports are not strictly legal in all sectors, a combination of the Madine family blood and good old fashioned stubbornness prevent her from running slaves of any kind.

Personal Life

"Oh, Mollie. Your head's always way up there in the clouds, love. Why don't you join the rest of us down here on Corellia?"
-- Adae Madine

Childhood on Corellia

Amallia was born to Adae Madine and Keylahn Madine in 11 ABY on the urban planet of Corellia. Uncle Crix was there too. Well, at the end. He couldn't quite handle the labor. A bit of an omen, that labor. A sign that she would always be a terrible pain for her poor mother. And, you know what? People talk a lot of rekk about Corellia, but life was good for little Mollie.

Sure, there were some rough customers. Spacers who came looking for trouble and would go at great lengths to find it. There were gamblers who chased the thrill of a big Pazaak pot, and the limb-snapping loan sharks that preyed on them. When people think about Corellia, those are the people they think of. The crooks and the gamblers and the loan sharks and the bounty hunters. But in a city that big? There's more to life than all that. There's art. There's music. There's good food and friends. Hell, there's even education. A good one too, if you could manage to stay in it. Mollie never could, but her friends -swore- by it!

Amallia's father traveled with the New Republic military, leaving her mother to raise their only daughter on Corellia. Her mother did as best she could, really, but Amallia was, for better or for worse, her father's daughter. She was free-spirited and reckless. The streets of Corellia fostered and inspired an aversion to authority that made her clash with parents, teachers, and occasionally even CorSec. But none of that mattered to Amallia Madine. Not really. She'd already made up her mind, you see?

She was going to join the New Republic Military. She was going to be a pilot.

Military Career

The New Republic

Academy Years

Amallia Madine showed great promise in her early military academy years, but she fell into some of the same bad habits she'd had in her childhood. Though she achieved top marks in her studies and training exercises, her frequent clashes with authority figures ensured she was a routine attendant at disciplinary committees and correctional groups. Try as they might, the officers in charge were never quite able to grind that rebellious spirit out of Amallia, and disciplining the young cadet became harder and harder as she continued to prove her aptitude. Her promise as a fighter pilot was undeniable, and after graduating with the top cohort of her class, she was hand selected to become a fighter pilot for Green Squadron.

Green Squadron

During the war for Coruscant, Green Squadron was a division of the New Republic Navy that specialized in operations that were conducted in atmosphere on planets with dense urban populations. Their targets were primarily military institutions and infrastructure, but were occasionally expanded to civilian supply lines that were meant to hamstring First Order operations. Due to the sensitivity of their operations, much of Green Squadron's activity was conducted out of the public eye. Galactic Sympathies were not on the side of the First Order, but the risk of collateral damage is never a popular one, especially when those authorizing military activity are up for public election.

Amallia Madine rapidly advanced through the ranks of Green Squadron. Shortly after being selected, she was given the rank of Lieutenant within the New Republic Navy. For the next three years, she flew missions with Green Squadron with celebrated success. She earned a reputation for her quick, precise flying at top speed, as well as the nickname "Lettie", abbreviated from "Stiletto." The origin of her nickname remained hotly contested amongst Green Squadron, with some claiming it was given in reference to her favorite pair of red high heels, while others insisted it was owed to the sharp lines she'd carve through space and sky.

Operation Black Rain

Operation Black Rain was a series of strike missions conducted at strategic locations across Coruscant. The goal was to cripple First Order operations by denying them resources, disabling military defense systems, and destroying infrastructure that kept their war machine operating at peak efficiency. The close proximity of these missions to densely-populated urban environments meant that precision flying and accurate intelligence were integral to their success. This proved to be Operation Black Rain's undoing, however. Though many of the details of these missions have been destroyed or highly classified, certain indisputable facts remain. 1396 civilian lives were lost, as well as the lives of three members of Green Squadron. Amallia Madine was court martialed, and it is speculated that it was due to her involvement with this operation.

For those in Green Squadron that remained, it proved to be the death of their careers. Green Squadron was dissolved. Some members resigned their commission, most were relegated to desk jobs, and none of them saw combat again.

Post Military (RP Hooks)

Life on Nar Shaddaa

Amallia Madine is a common sight on Nar Shaddaa. When not running spice to needy noses across the galaxy, she enjoys getting drunk at dive bars, playing cards with rough spacers, and dancing her cares away.

Night life, social scenes, and wacky Nar Shaddaa antics are all certainly on the menu.

Captain of the Heliost

Eventually, Amallia Madine was able to scrape together enough credits to purchase her very own ship. It was a bit of a diamond in the rough, that VCX-100, but it had an abundance of charm. The FRT Heliost had been recovered from a scrap heap from a no-name planet on the outer rim and was destined to be picked apart and sold as individual salvage. Instead, it was purchased as is by Mollie Madine, who spent the next several months and a hundred thousand credits to get it to fly again.

Now, the Heliost runs contraband across the galaxy. Though their shipping manifest never intentionally includes living entities, the Heliost Smuggling Vessel has been known to smuggle (with mixed success) a wide array of different goods. While contracted through "official" smuggling avenues or contracted independently, there are very few jobs that Amallia Madine and her crew wouldn't do for the right price.

Galactic Travels

It isn't all hard work and laying about on Nar Shaddaa for Mollie Madine, either. She gets around the galaxy, and has been known to pop up through sheer circumstance at the most opportune or inopportune times. If there's ever a situation that might warrant a hotshot pilot, a fast driver, or a brazen loudmouth with a soft side, Mollie Madine might very well answer the call. As of late, she's been seen participating in Swoop Bike Races and sipping Tiki drinks on Chandrila. Who knows where she'll show up next!