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Andy is, to put it simply, a rich-kid-drop-out punk that fled her home system, got arrested, escaped on accident, changed her name, and has a thing for ancient history.

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RP Hooks

  • Vested Interest: Andy is a sucker for information, shiny objects, cults, shadow organizations, and ancient places. Wanna trade?
  • Noble Upbringing: While she has a different name and a few more tattoos, it's always possible that someone from those high-class circles recognizes the lost daughter of Daal.
  • Opportunist: Need someone to do your dirty work?

Current Events

Andro Tain is an archaeologist collecting freelance work in the Outer Rim. After a time working as a contractor for the Knights of Ren, securing information and valuable artifacts, she seems content to exist in a dichotomy of unsavory gang work coupled with scholastic pursuits. Freelance archaeology, as it turns out, mostly has her solving old family disputes across the wider systems, although the occasional dive into a crumbling ruin isn't out of the question.

Ancient History

Not to be taken as I.C. knowledge. Periods of her history are left intentionally vague to allow for collaborations with other characters - if you think you fit in somewhere, or think Andy fits somewhere into your past, shoot me an @mail

In her family, Doma Daal was considered something of an embarrassment: always in trouble, never where she should be, and the furthest she could be from the image of the perfect, little, rich girl that her family had expected. Her brother was a constant thorn in her side, using her failures in the eyes of the family to bolster himself further. Her interest in her studies was the only thing that kept her family from making any drastic moves to keep her from the public eye - but Doma would accomplish that on her own in due time.

History was always her purview; when she wasn't 'running with the wrong crowd', she was lost in Mirial's libraries and museums. It was an accident that she discovered that one of these museums had mislabeled an artifact and didn't understand its worth. Doma did. Unfortunately, the teenager's plan to break into said museum, steal the artifact, and get it into the hands of those who would understand its uses went awry and landed her on a prison barge. What happened after that isn't widely known, but remains the deepest tragedy of her family, who would lose both children in the fallout of Doma's imprisonment. What is known is that the barge never arrived at its intended destination, though several ships had docked with it during its doomed transit: the first ships were additional prisoner transfers, one was the son of a noble from Mirial who had pulled some strings to visit his sister one last time, and the last was a mystery with only a single occupant, cloaked in black. The barge, all of its prisoners and crew, and the noble from Mirial were found destroyed, floating derelict in space by authorities several hours later. The damage and carnage within, they said, was astonishing; the walls and several bodies marred by strange scoring.

What happened there remains a mystery to the public, though two people know the truth of the matter: the figure in black was not found among the dead, nor was Doma Daal. Shortly after this tradgedy, one 'Andro Tain' seemed to appear out of nowhere in the Outer Rim, working as a gangster for the Hutts.