Anessa Panteer

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Dr Anessa Panteer, PhD

Title: Countess
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Researcher
Profession: Archaeologist
Homeworld: Delaya
Organization: New Republic


Lady Anessa, as she's commonly referred to, was born on Delaya in 15 ABY. Her father, Count Navar Panteer, is a well known archaeologist of his own right and served as Anessa's primary role model and hero for most of her life, much to the dismay of her mother, Countess Siona, who would have seen her daughter raised to be much less of a tomboy, had she gotten her way. Despite her daughter's proclivity for digging in the dirt, however, she did manage to impose some manners on her. As the eldest child and apparent heir to her family's titles, it was incumbent on her to learn the etiquette of a proper noble and how to conduct herself at court, should the need arise.

Following in her father's footsteps, Lady Anessa was accepted into the University of Agamar's Archaeology program early. At only sixteen years old, she was among the youngest of the human and near-human students in attendance, and she graduated with her doctorate when she was 22 years old. During her time as both an undergraduate and graduate student, she worked with researchers from the Obroan Institute for Archaeology on Obroa-skai, and shortly after her graduation, she was tasked with supervising her own excavation. She abandoned this dig a mere six months in to the year long grant, however, when she received word of a distress call from Lady Teraan on Delaya. Receiving no response to her queries from her parents, she made for the Alderaan system to find them missing, her house in ruins, most of House Teraan murdered, and the young Lady Teraan absconded with.

RP Hooks

  • Alderaan: Lady Anessa of House Panteer is of Alderaanian heritage. Her family pledged their fealty to House Teraan, the leaders of Delaya, and that's not something she takes lightly.
  • Archaeologist: Lady Anessa is also known as Dr. Panteer in academic circles. At only 22, she's young and just getting started in her career, but showing amazing promise.
  • Siblings: Lady Anessa has at least one, younger sibling that I haven't fully fleshed out yet.

"Thranta" Panteer House Sigil
The thranta, a species native to Alderaan, is the sigil of House Panteer. They persist due to several being previously exported to Bespin, where they have repopulated and continue to thrive.



Plots and Possessions

The Panteer Estate

The Panteer Estate
The Panteer Estate on Delaya, occupied by Count Navar and Countess Siona, a 10,600 square foot mansion on a majestic piece of property overlooking a large lake that fronts a snow-capped mountain range.
Estate Grounds
First Floor
Second Floor

Kaladin Panteer

Anessa's brother Kaladin
Anessa's younger brother, Kaladin, is currently away at university. He is obsessed with all things flying and shooting, though he is busy living up to his family's expectation of obtaining his education before pursing a career in any of the armed forces.

Duchess Avlin Teraan

Duchess Avlin Teraan
The young Duchess Avlin Teraan, orphaned in 37 ABY when she was only 7 years old, as a result of Princess Lana Panteer coming out of stasis and attempting to usurp power by allying with House Rist and assassinating the entire Teraan line. They were almost successful, were it not for Avlin's champion and sworn protector, Ser Lars, who stayed by her side until a distress call could be answered by rescue team led by Princess Aryn. Since being reunited with Lady Anessa, the two have become almost inseparable.

TRN Majestic Thranta

Muurian Exterior
The Majestic Thranta is a Muurian-class Transport that was a gift from Anessa's parents upon her graduation from the doctoral program of the University of Agamar. Her father thought she needed something that could balance firepower and cargo capacity, given the types of situations that the budding archaeologist was likely to find herself in.
Muurian Interior

"Zee" the JV-Z1/D Butler Droid

JV-Z33 "Zee" Butler Droid
Zee is a JV-Z1/D model Butler Droid that has served the Panteer family ever since Anessa's father, Count Navar, found him while excavating the ruins of a small, upper class city that was some 200 years old. The droid's memory core had been damaged, but Count Navar saw to it that it was repaired and put into service. While normally mild-mannered, the nature of the repairs and modern components rendered the droid significantly more opinionated than its earlier counterparts. Count Navar found this amusing, but his wife, Countess Siona, was less impressed by its tendency to be overly blunt. Their daughter, Lady Anessa, was even less thrilled, though she'd learned to expect it, as Zee served at least in part as her nanny. When Anessa was gifted the Majestic Thranta, she was surprised to find Zee onboard, but accepted it as her parents way of continuing to dote on her from afar.

"Regal" the R3 Astromech

R3-G4L "Regal" Astromech
Regal is Anessa's father's old R3 unit. He was found in the locked server room of her family's estate on Delaya after it was taken over by her uncle Lochlan Panteer, who murdered her parents at the behest of Princess Lana Panteer. Regal was a Naval Astromech for the Galactic Republic that was in service around 22BBY, but was erroneously decommissioned as part of a purge of 'old' and unnecessary equipment.


Asmeru capital
One of Anessa's father's main archaeological sites is on Asmeru, which contains a number of discrete locations of ruins from an ancient civilization. He befriended the noble House Elegin, there, and even occasionally took Anessa into excavation sites, when she was growing up. During the process, Anessa was introduced to several of the members of House Elegin, who she still considers to be friends, to this day.