Angouri Dros

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The Story so Far

Angouri Dros is brilliant in many ways, but lacks the common sense and social skills to keep herself out of trouble. Her simple life as a trader and tinkerer was turned on its head by an act of treachery committed by her brother, but following rescue at the hands of Defiance, she found herself with the freedom to make her own way in the galaxy, outside of the influence of the family business.

A simple creature, Ango only wanted to tinker with better weaponry, and as such sought out an elusive contract within the Resistance as a weaponsmith. However, she did not get far before a more unexpected use for her was discovered by Elrych Cometburn: her ability with the Force. Unfortunately, her training progressed slowly at her own fault; she struggled with the philosophies of the Jedi and faltered wherever discipline was concerned. Her successes with abilities like telekinesis were brief and came in moments of panic and desperation; it was due to this lack of control that she was caught unprepared when confronted with the power of the Dark Side. She only narrowly escaped an encounter with Oran Arcantael - and while she left with her life, the bounty that was placed on her afterwards led to her eventual capture at the hands of Sumi Kora. She was handed over to the First Order, where she endured emotional and physical trauma in the name of 'interrogation', and was set to be executed on the desert world Aridus. However, before she could be thrown into the lava pits, the Jedi Order and Resistance ground forces swooped in and rescued her in a bloody, harrowing battle.

Ango continues to work with the Resistance and the Jedi, struggling to better herself in the midst of galactic turmoil.

The Lols