Anisho Nor

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Anisho Nor

Title: Anishok'nor of Ryloth
Race: Lethan Twi'lek
Sex: Female
Occupation: Swordswoman
Profession: Mercenary
Homeworld: Ryloth
Organization: N/A
Ship: Dawnstar

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Anishok'nor Description

Anisho is a Lethan Twi'lek female that stands with a height of about 1.81 meters and is of a very curvaceous build. She is by no means thin and dainty and it looks as though she has placed her health and body shape as a high priority. She appears to have very toned features that grace her rich red skin. Her lengthy lekku are normally seen either resting upon her shoulders or flowing down at her back, keeping with the subtle movements of her head, relaying untold information to those that are keen enough to know what to look for. They are supported by a black leather head piece that has minimal coverage over the entirety of her head but also seems to keep the lekku aligned a bit better while also offering some concealment to her ear cones. The lekku themselves are coated with a variety of very tribal-esk black markings that have a direct relation to the clan that once was, her clan.

Black eyeliner and light grey eye-shadow give a smoky aura that accentuate her bright purple eyes which rest below finely sculpted eyebrows that have been tattooed on. The long black lashes that bat together are the only hair the woman has on her entire body, much like any other Twi'lek. A small dainty nose is led to by a moderately slender bridge and ends at leveled nostrils. Below sits a pair of well defined lips of a slightly darker hue and her philtrum creates a nice 'v' in her upper lip. Her lower lip is a bit more full than the top but both are still very plush. The black tribal markings upon her lekku and head extend down onto her face and wrap about her features.

Sturdy, disciplined shoulders lead down to strong arms and her experienced hands which are adorned with black manicured nails. The large round globes of her breasts are very prominent and they protrude forth no matter what garment is placed about them. They are occasionally subdued with wrappings however. Her hips compliment her hourglass figure perfectly and lead down to long slender yet powerful legs and elegant feet. The entirely of her body in its exposed form is completely covered with similar black markings much like that of her head and face. Only the most centralized areas seem to be void of them.

Anishok'nor Background

Anisho Nor was born 8 ABY on Ryloth, originally named Anishok’nor. She and her family lived in a small village that was a considerable distance from the ongoings of the associated clan’s city. They lived humbly and at peace with the land as her father specialized in rycrit hunting and her mother would dedicate her hours towards moister farming and gathering local flora. The early years of her life were very favorable and happy for the most part. She always had what she needed and the family would even make the trip into the city at least once a month to stay with relatives for a few days. She normally would busy herself with studies or helping out in some way around the village. She was a girl with an all around happy disposition on life in general. However, there came a time when a rival clan took interest taking control over their clan and that’s when her life changed, innocence forever lost.

She was 14 when that time inevitably came and the clans began to war. Her village was one of the first to be hit since it skirted so far out from the main city. Both of her parents died trying to protect her but in the end their efforts were in vain because she was enslaved along with many other young females. All of those with age or of the male gender were eliminated mercilessly. Before the siege upon the city began she and the other girls were sold off to a smuggling vessel and due to their rare pigmentation (a village trait), earned top dollar. Originally she was going to be trained as yet another dancer to be used to make the crew a hefty profit by selling her off to a Hutt but she managed to elude them after the vessel’s next stop, Tatooine. In a stroke of pure dumb luck she was left unattended by a distracted shiphand, giving her just enough time to slip away into the blended bustle of the infamous Mos Eisley.

Lost, yet free she has always been tortured by the fact she couldn’t save the others as well. After some time on her own she finally fell in line with a small band of mercenaries after being saved from possible death by their leader, an excellent swordsman and human by the name of Seris Kliptro. He imparted all his knowledge into her after she became increasingly obsessed with the man, an infatuation of sorts which basically translated into her doing damn near anything for the man to prove she would have his babies even at his insistence that he wouldn’t dare take advantage of her like that. Interestingly enough, there was always something mystical about the man, as it seemed he could inspire loyalty even in the most dire of circumstances.

For 15 years they went forth from job to job across the galaxy, earning a decent living from the death or capture of others, every once in awhile taking up the reigns as bounty hunters, although they didn’t typically deal in that field of work as it was somewhat… limiting as to their options, but there was indeed a common thread that tied all action together. They never actually struck out against the Resistance as most targets were always Imperial affiliated, criminals, or private sector operations. Luck doesn’t last forever though and after a good run the First Order finally got the better of them all. One could simply chalk it up to wrong place wrong time but perhaps it was something more, perhaps it was the will of the force. Or possibly the ill-will of the force. They got caught in the a trap that was presumably for the Resistance but instead became the victims of an all out assault by an Imperial Cruiser. The last act of the man known as Seris Kliptro was forcing her into an escape pod and sending her hurling out into the black. It is unknown if any of her comrades survived, and to this day she still believes them to be dead. For many years since, she has simply roamed around continuing the mercenary work for the most part and keeping a low profile.

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