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Arvis Locke was born around the introduction of the Galactic Empire to a pair of die-hard imperialists. The new age of prosperity under the Empire did wonders for the Lockes; most of their investments changing seemingly overnight from trading companies such a GalGo and TranspoMax to more sensible shares in BlasTech and Kuat Drive Yards. Arvis was born on Coruscant but his family quickly relocated to Kuat in an attempt to keep a better eye on their money. His father, a long-time engineer even began working at KDY after a time with the idea being that his son would do the same. Arvis has a different plan.

Once he came of age, Arvis enrolled in the Imperial Academy back on Coruscant and was stationed on the Tector-class Star Destroyer Absolution. It was aboard the Absolution that Arvis would witness the ferocity of the Galactic Civil War. After a period of serving as the vessel's executive officer, Arvis' CO, Maldon Trask was killed during a guerilla operation mounted by the Rebellion where-in they assaulted the ship while it was space-docked for scheduled maitenance. Arvis stepped up to the plate and launched the ship from its dock, winning a hard-fought victory over the Rebel Forces. Once the dust had settled, however, Arvis was looked over for the position of the ship's new CO in favor of a more politically suitable candidate.

Shortly after, the Empire fell at Endor and again at Jakku. With the signing of the Concordance, Arvis fled to the Unknown Regions along with the remainder of the Imperial Remnant.

Years later, the First Order, complete with Commander Arvis Locke has reared its head. Commander Locke serves within the navy, but has been seen working in an administrative capacity on the Smuggler's Moon of Nar Shaddaa.


Standing a six feet and four inches, this human man could cut quite the imposing figure if he weren't so thin. His hair was obviously once dark brown but has now aged into shades of black and gray, the latter being more prominent. His eyes are a deep brown and the faintest amount of gray stubble defines his jaw.

He's currently dressed in the standard uniform of a First Order senior officer; a teal-colored tunic, flared-hip breeches, and a pair of polished knee-high black boots. A band stitched around his left wrist belies his rank as a Commander. On occasion, he can be seen wearing an ankle-length teal greatcoat. Peeking out of his left sleeve is a chromium-plated prosthetic hand.

The People

Kylo Ren - Great guy.

Adhar Gann - Too proud for his own good.

Finn - Can't see this relationship ever going south.

Hex - One of Arvis's unlikely friends. The ex-Resistance soldier showed Arvis kindness in the form of allowing him and his men to dine at the Blue Light.

Kasia Ashkuri - Hex's better half. Arvis is absolutely enamored with this woman. She's a fierce, intelligent woman, and Arvis always enjoys their conversations.

RP Hooks

Nar Shaddaa - Are you a First Order soldier stationed on Nar Shaddaa? You probably answer to Arvis in some capacity. Feel free to stop by. Are you a plain Jane civillian? He's more than happy to bend your ear and talk to you about the cause.

Old-fashioned Imperial - Arvis served in the OG Empire. That means he's had plenty of time to make friends and enemies across the galaxy. Maybe you knew him in his prime? Who's he kidding? His prime is always.