Aryn Cortess

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Dr. Aryn Cortess

Title: Doctor, Lady, Princess
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Healer
Profession: Doctor
Homeworld: (Born on) Delaya, (Moved to) New Alderaan
Organization: New Republic, New Alderaan
Ship: Tantive IV (CR-90 Corvette), Rainstorm (Helix Interceptor), Aldera 3 (T-85 X-Wing)



The current Princess of Alderaan and heir to the monarchy of her people, Her Royal Highness Aryn Cortess started with humble beginnings. Born the second child to the ancient House Cortess, it was her elder brother that was destined to become the leader of their house. Aryn chose a quieter career in the field of medicine and after graduating, she decided to see the galaxy before her life would inevitably become regimented once her betrothal to a noble Lord was realized. She disappeared on this trip and was stranded on a planet for years. Rescued by a member of the Resistance, Aryn returned to civilization to learn of the First Order's widespread tyranny. It was during this time she met Leia Organa and began to mentor under the General. Confident that their people had a future with Aryn, Leia left it in her will for the young woman to inherit the title of Princess when she passed. Since inheriting this mantle, she has shed her meek persona and become a determined woman known for her intelligence and cunning. Though a great deal of her time is spent trying to unite her people on New Alderaan, Aryn also dedicates her talents to helping treat war refugees on the planet of Chandrila and serving the New Republic.

RP Hooks

Name RP Blurps
Mnngal-Mnngal or 'MM' Aryn is the leading researcher on the galactic threat that the MM poses. On more than one occasion, she has set aside her allegiance to form unlikely partnerships to battle the threat head-on and stop the transmission of this awful and dark parasite. If this Hook interests you, please page and we can work out a scene jumping into the chaos.
Medical Doctor/Surgeon Aryn is a very active healer and surgeon. She works at the Hanna City Medical facility and will schedule surgery appointments, check-ups, examinations, etc. If you have medical needs or wish to pursue some sort of science plot/hook/backstory, I am totally game. Please page me and we can work out any details or concerns.
Life-Long Student Aryn is an eager student easily drawn into subjects she can research. She studied anthropology and history and is very learned in topics of culture, nature, and ancient technological languages. If you have a plot where this might align, or you would like to form some sort of history or connection using this option, just let me know!
Alderaan Noble Aryn is asking for help from all Great Houses in an effort to reunite the divided Alderaan people. Do you wish to be a part of this daunting task? Seek her out!
Eager Martial Arts Student Aryn's enthusiasm to learn language and culture extends beyond books. She enjoys the discipline and practice of martial arts and would be willing to learn from experienced soldiers and practitioners. This can be with the use of weapons or hand-to-hand. If this interests you, please let me know!