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Dr. Aryn Cortess

Title: Doctor, Lady, Princess
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Jedi Healer
Profession: Doctor
Homeworld: (Born on) Delaya, (Moved to) New Alderaan
Organization: New Republic, New Alderaan
Ship: Rainstorm (Helix Interceptor), Spark 3 (ETA-2b Actis Class Interceptor)


Early History

Aryn Cole (or Aryn Cortess) is from the planet D'Qar (now New Alderaan). She's a Doctor who specializes in trauma and expedient field care. Aryn has a complicated history that began as a secondborn child of a prominent family. She had never been considered the heir of anything. That distinction was her brother's (Kier Cole) to claim, but when he cast it away for other pursuits and became an exiled son, his inheritance transitioned to Aryn. Prior to that, Aryn had taken advantage of her family's wealth to begin studies abroad. She attended university at a remarkably young age showing great promise in anthropology and medical sciences. Her acceptance to Novania University, among the Arkanians, afforded the most advanced medical training one can pursue in the galaxy. Among the hyper-intellectuals and super-intelligent students, Aryn fell from the height of superior marks to average, and studies proved more challenging and daunting. Her family was surprised to see her complete her instruction and attended her ceremony on Arkanis to witness the conferment of her degree, the final apotheosis of her scholarly life.

Prior to Kier's fall from grace, Aryn requested to travel and sought her parents to charter a vessel and crew devoted to the study of other cultures and exploration. While hesitant to make an investment, the Cole/Cortess household had no intention of keeping Aryn in court when Kier was destined to be the future of the House. So a charter was drawn up, and Aryn set out to the Outer Rim where she mysteriously disappeared.


Aryn has not spoken much about her survival. Aryn's experience began when her ship crashlanded on an uncharted world. There were survivors, including Aryn, but they found themselves held prisoner by an alien tribe of warriors that spoke a language none could understand. All survivors were held in captivity, and the tribe often used them for sport in their beast fights. Survivors were pulled from their cages to fight against wild beasts with no weapons or means to defend themselves. For Aryn, who witnessed each murder, she knew her time was to come and there were no survivors she could recall. She was the last to be taken out and cast into the pit. Surrounded on all sides by graiveh, Aryn somehow stopped the ravenous beasts from attacking her with a desperate plea and wave her hand. From the tribe's perspective, she showed divinity and demonstrated the power of their forest goddess. From Aryn's perspective, she had tapped into something hidden in those moments of desperation, and it led to her survival. That something was the Force.

So for two years, Aryn lived among the tribe, unable to leave the world and wholly alone. Until one fateful day, a chance encounter changed everything.

Escape and Future

Rey Skywalker and the mighty Chewbacca conducted an emergency landing on the world where Aryn was stranded. Either by some will of the Force or through fate, Aryn crossed paths with the travelers and implored they take her with them. To help convince Rey, a small army of angry tribesmen pursued Aryn and began to attack. So she agreed, and they departed the world upon the Millenium Falcon. In their downtime, Rey had observed Aryn's aptitude to use this special power and attributed the Force as the reason for Aryn's survival. Eager to rebuild the Jedi Order that Luke Skywalker had abandoned, Rey convinced Aryn to learn the ways of the Force and become her companion for the future endeavors and struggles that lay ahead.


While Aryn's father and brother are keen and well-trained soldiers, Aryn is not. Her trade was medical, a particularly rare skill in the Resistance's fight against the nefarious First Order. Aryn had not realized that when she agreed to learn from Rey, that it meant she must take part in the war too. This revelation was paired to a chance meeting with the Resistance's enigmatic leader, Princess Leia Organa. Leia immediately saw in Aryn an eager student. She adopted Aryn, in a sense, to become her learner in the ways of politics and understanding government administration and also the more arcane nature of the Force. Aryn being Alderaanian by blood gave Leia a kinsman she could pour her experiences into, and she took a scrawny bookworm blonde and transformed her into a confident and capable young woman. Aryn found in Leia all the elements that she had missed growing up being a secondborn child of House Cole/Cortess.

Aryn agreed to aid the Resistance and follow Rey and Princess Leia. She stayed out of the combat, for the most part, devoting herself to the care and healing of soldiers fresh from the field. It was not until her later development as a Jedi that Aryn began to branch out into more dangerous missions. As she did, she began to form a stronger connection with the living force and her abilities in combat. Now Aryn carries the mark of war and its haunting experiences have matured her a great deal by essentially killing the girl she had been to make way for the woman she was to become.

Leia's Passing

Late in the war, Aryn's reliance on Leia grew more prominent. Tensions with the war were overwhelming, and Leia's health was suffering from all the weight of this war's burden. When Leia eventually passed, it struck Aryn particularly hard. Leia had filled the role of mother, mentor, and friend and now, she was gone. Aryn was present for her passing, and prior to her departing peacefully, Leia insisted that Aryn be her heir to Alderaan and entrusted one final task for her student: reunite Alderaan's people. Leia had not been able to achieve this endeavor because of the war and all her personal trauma. Aryn very reluctantly accepted the burden of Princess, and the Elder Houses honored the will. Several months later, Aryn's coronation was carried out at Droalder palace on New Alderaan. Many Great Houses showed their support by swearing fealty while others turned their back on Leia and Aryn, fearing that Leia's failures as Princess would only be echoed in the heir she mentored and empowered.

Present State

Aryn Cole resides on Chandrila, when not home attending court on New Alderaan, and deploys on New Republic missions to help achieve new allies and defend the incumbents already aligned. Her personal mission to unite Alderaan's people remains a central focus of hers, yet she despairs on how to begin this daunting task. Eager to make the right choices, she has put out a message seeking Alderaanian allies to join her and help forge a future they will all be proud to pass down to their children.

RP Hooks

Name RP Blurps
Mnngal-Mnngal or 'MM' Aryn is the leading researcher on the galactic threat that the MM poses. On more than one occasion, she has set aside her allegiance to form unlikely partnerships to battle the threat head-on and stop the transmission of this awful and dark parasite. If this Hook interests you, please page and we can work out a scene jumping into the chaos.
Medical Doctor/Surgeon Aryn is a very active healer and surgeon. She works at the Hanna City Medical facility and will schedule surgery appointments, check-ups, examinations, etc. If you have medical needs or wish to pursue some sort of science plot/hook/backstory, I am totally game. Please page me and we can work out any details or concerns.
Life-Long Student Aryn is an eager student easily drawn into subjects she can research. She studied anthropology and history and is very learned in topics of culture, nature, and ancient technological languages. If you have a plot where this might align, or you would like to form some sort of history or connection using this option, just let me know!
Jedi Order Aryn does not often reveal that she is a member of the mysterious Jedi Order. She is a Jedi and uses much of her power and skills to heal others. Do you have a mission in mind that should involve the Jedi? Do you want a plot hook from this option? I am happy to work that out.
Alderaan Noble Aryn is asking for help from all Great Houses in an effort to reunite the divided Alderaan people. Do you wish to be a part of this daunting task? Seek her out!
Eager Martial Arts Student Aryn's enthusiasm to learn language and culture extends beyond books. She enjoys the discipline and practice of martial arts and would be willing to learn from experienced soldiers and practitioners. This can be with the use of weapons or hand-to-hand. If this interests you, please let me know!


AC.jpg<==Created by Kasia Ac3.jpg<==Aryn at Leia's Memorial

Ac7.png<==Created by Hex Aryn5.png<==Aryn, Graphic scarring effect by Haddles

Great Houses of Alderaan and their Current Allegiance Flow-Chart


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