Aryn Cortess

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Dr. Aryn Cortess

Title: Queen of Alderaan; Darth Kalus
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Sith Lord
Profession: Doctor
Homeworld: (Born on) Delaya, (Moved to) New Alderaan
Organization: Sith Empire, Alderaan System
Ship: Tantive IV (CR-90 Corvette), Sunrunner (Baudo Yacht), Rainstorm (Helix Interceptor), Grimoire (Upsilon Shuttle)



Aryn of House Cortess serves Alderaan system as its ruling Queen. Aryn began her journey a second born child to Duke Jace Cole and Duchess Marian Cortess. She had not intended to grow beyond the confines and duties of a noble lady, but circumstances led her down an adventurous path. Aryn was mentored by the late Princess Leia Organa, and installed as the royal Princess following Leia's death during the Cold War. Aryn was accepted by the Elder Houses of the Galaxy, and the last will of Organa was fulfilled when the responsibility for Alderaan, and its vast and frustratingly divided diaspora, became hers to rule.

Aryn has since united the great houses of Alderaan and established a capital upon the world of New Alderaan. When the Sith Empire imposed its influence upon the system and called out for the alleged Jedi Queen to surrender herself, she arrived as requested to negotiate peace for Alderaan and its people. Through diplomacy, Aryn was permitted to join the Sith Empire alongside her husband, the Prince-consort Ban Iskender, to strengthen its cause by becoming Darth Kalus and Darth Durandus, respectively. As Dark Lords, the pair were permitted to see to Alderaan's security personally, allowing them to preserve the peace for which they sacrificed a great deal to achieve. This arrangement brought an abrupt end to the Alderaanian civil war with Delaya, and the execution of its architect, the despot ruler Lady Lana of House Panteer, aka the Pretender.

RP Hooks

Name RP Blurps
Mnngal-Mnngal or 'MM' Aryn is the leading researcher on the galactic threat that the MM poses. On more than one occasion, she has set aside her allegiance to form unlikely partnerships to battle the threat head-on and stop the transmission of this awful and dark parasite. If this Hook interests you, please page and we can work out a scene jumping into the chaos.
Life-Long Student Aryn is an eager student easily drawn into subjects she can research. She studied anthropology and history and is very learned in topics of culture, nature, and ancient technological languages. If you have a plot where this might align, or you would like to form some sort of history or connection using this option, just let me know!
Alderaan Ruler Aryn is seeking help from Lords, Ladies, or Citizens of Alderaan to preserve the peace, and contend with Alderaan's enemies. Should this interest you, ask about serving the cause!
Sith Empire Cause Open to story and plots concerning the Empire. I may relegate Aryn to the Alderaan system, but I would be happy to NPC and GM to help with plots that add to our narrative.