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Goran and Alno Valdr-Asalla, of Taris, by her Lorrdian name, discovered an innate talent for mathematics during primary school. Unfortunately, schooling in the Taris Lower City didn't offer many opportunities for someone with aspirations for a decent life.

Having answered a Republic recruitment ad, technically delivered via rumor from a hot-shot pilot in a Tarisian cantina, she's found herself assigned to an office position utilizing her numbers and navigation skills organizing the logistics for New Republic deployments of various supplies, personnel and starships.

This work has also found her recently picked up by Saber Squadron as well, as flying a starfighter has been something of a dream of hers. She works a Republic office by day, and by night moonlights as a Saber Squadron reservist, ready to answer the call when her ticket finally comes up.

Physical Description

A tan-skinned woman of human appearance, this particular girl looks to be young, roughly in her mid-twenties. Brown eyes see her surroundings below plucked brows and a pair of silver stud piercings draw attention just above her lip. Hers is a small, round face with a small button nose. Falling in soft waves around her shoulders is raven-black hair in a fashion-forward style that compliments her youthful look. She wears subtle makeup, some khol around her eyes and her lips shine with a slight, clear gloss. An even subtler fragrance surrounds her, so subtle that it may even go undetected by most humanoids.


She often cycles through several different wardrobe styles, depending on her location and reason for being there. For casual encounters on worlds such as Taris or Nar Shaddaa it isn't uncommon to find her in dark clothing, usually a tight fit, with a black leather jackets and some ankle boots that fold over a bit at the top. On less gritty worlds like Chandrila or Naboo she'll wear a dress and heels, but the dress usually has a hood of some sort to keep her from an overbearing sun and is usually layered enough to conceal some of her body language as body language has significant meaning to a Lorrdian. It's also not uncommon to find her in a red flight suit, emblazoned on the shoulders with Saber Squadron patches.