Atrel Katah

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Growing up Xenophobic

Questionable Ethics

Nomadic Existence

Growing Associates

The Long Con

Current Events

Pose on Tatooine when Atrel and Celes first recruited D4-K4

D4-K4's facsimile of a head pops up ever so slightly. "False personality, rude." it looks between the ladies, "I want it noted, I will not be property. I have been free ever since my emancipation was recognized. Inability for crew members to recognize this freedom will be met with the appropriate, and possibly extremely entertaining, counter-point to their willful ignorance." the droid leans in towards Atrel, "If only you had been an S-K Science-Aid, with that personality..." the droid makes a cat growl sound. "But alas, your parts are squishy tissue and your bones maleable calcium compounds. Star crossed, we are." the droid dares to try to gently cup the Arkanian's chin, "We'll always have a dirty sand filled street filled with animal dung, smelly robe wearing mini-sentients, and a curious mingling of various species urine smells."