Atria Foster

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This woman is tall, coming close to 2 meters, and her build bears a willowy strength for her height, slight but not frail-looking. Her face is a youthful oval of sun-darkened skin with full lips, painted a deep red, a strong nose and pale blue eyes that are slightly turned up towards the outside corners. A light shading of burgundy around her eyes stands out against her skin. A long, thin scar runs down the left side of her face from temple to near her jawline. Her hair is long, flowing free to just past her shoulders, and despite her youthful appearance it is a pale gray like the color of ash. Several streaks of black run through her hair adding to its ashy appearance.

She's dressed in a black combat bodysuit that covers every inch of her skin save for a space of tanned skin above her breasts, exposing a silver pendant hanging from her neck. The pendant is in the shape of a diamond with the lower edges longer than the upper. A small red stone is set near the top of the diamond. Over the bodysuit, she wears a black vest with many pockets as well as a utility belt around her waist. Black gloves cover her hands with matching plasteel guards on the backs of the hands and her forearms while black boots with plasteel reinforcements on the tops and shins complete her look. A black blaster pistol with a red wood grip and chromium accents is holstered at her right hip.


Atria never knew the Empire, though her parents did. Dardav and Allicie Foster fought with the Rebellion and later served with the New Republic until they retired to raise a family. Atria was born and raised on Coruscant. She had a good education for a middle class girl and her parents tried to instill in her the values they cherished as members of the Rebellion. Even so, she grew up with a bit of a temper that would often get her into trouble. When she was old enough, she enlisted in the New Republic military. Mostly because she felt it was what her parents wanted out of her, but she also hoped military discipline would help her control her temper. She was in the military for five years before an...incident involving a superior officer caused her to be dishonorably discharged.

Current History

Atria wandered the galaxy for a time plying her skills as an independent mercenary. Eventually, while on a stopover on Nar Shaddaa, she applied for a security job with the Array Consortium. She was hired right away and managed to quickly prove herself enough that she was made Deputy Security Chief after the Consortium acquired the Serious Business. Sometime later, she was made Security Chief after the previous Chief was reassigned to other, more important, duties.