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Title: The Reaper
Race: Devaronian
Sex: Male
Occupation: Trooper
Profession: Assassin
Homeworld: Tattooine
Organization: The Resistance
Ship: Reapers Kiss

He's now on Nar Shaddaa trying to make a living to carve out his own legacy in the galaxy. He works as a gunslinger for hire and an assassin. He's currently looking for a place to live; having been a slave for so long, a place he can truly call his own would be ideal. He's surviving and fighting through this life day to day.1485387624524.jpg

Assassin's Creed

  • Keep to the Shadows always.
  • Fulfill your contract no matter the cost.
  • Dont take out a brother.
  • Dont poach a contract from a brother.
  • The Brotherhood comes first.
  • Its only business never personal.


  • Aliraet: First friend on Nar Shaddaa and a fellow one of mine, mos' beau'iful woman Ive seen in a good while.
  • Domino:A good Lass a good heart and pays well when she needs a job done.
  • Caim: A good lad a Mandalorian lookin' to rebuild 'is clan needs help says me no' killin'em is help enough.
  • Aurora:A sheltered Lass sometimes speaks when she ought listen bu' her no' growin' up around 'ere I can forgive tha' I can.
  • Usha: Another dealer in vices tha' may or may no' be of the mos' legi'ima'e varie'y bu' shes a friend an' a good one to 'ave. I do some work for her from time ta time.
  • Ufepideu: A sweet lass a slave, I mus' ge' 'er for meself, shes a mechanic see an' a beautiful lil Twilek. An' I don' know why but I feel the nee' ta ge' 'er ou'a there.