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Title: Teeny Goth
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Engineering/Repair/Computers
Profession: Engineer
Homeworld: Hoth
Organization: Array Consortium
Ship: Serious Business


Aurora was born but unwanted and left on the steps of an orphanage on Hoth. She was miserable there until she finally got sick of being teased and fought with, running away at the age of 14. That is when she met the captain who took her in since she reminded him of his daughter who died. For ten years they traveled the verse and he taught her everything she knows. She never went planet side during her travels. Now the captain is gone after having crashed on Nar Shaddaa and she is back at square one. The young twenty something a decent engineer/mechanic/computer programmer. Though she tends to favor being an engineer over all of it, often making off little trinkets, and sometimes too shy and naive for her own good.



  • Rather talented in what she knows
  • Kind
  • Loyal
  • Sweet


  • Very Shy
  • Immensely Naive
  • Overly Curious

Inner Circle

Elias - I am ever so happy to have literally ran into you in the space port. And glad we fond work together.

Rylee - I am fond of the concern you have for me and my well being. And rather glad we continue to run into one another.

Tamrae - I look soo forward to helping maintain the ship together! And more of your awesome hugs.

Caim - I am glad you are willing to be my escort should I ever need it in Nar Shaddaa, expect a call soon.

Adhar Gann - I am glad you are taking a chance on me and helping me learn new things.