Ayeeou Wanaii

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Ayeeou (pronounced Ay-ee'-oo), or 'Yee' as she was dubbed by her first drylander friends, was never going to be satisfied with a life on one planet, or with the career her family hoped for her. The Wanaii Clan is very prominent in trade, her uncle even having been appointed Councilor of Trade by the New Republic. That meant a very fine education for all their children.

Their youngest daughter's interest in medicine rather than trade manifested early in her fascination with living things of all sorts. Where others might dispose of dead things (or eat them, of course), Ayeeou instead studied them (and then ate them). When she found something injured, she wanted to learn how to nurse it back to health and release it. Sometimes release it. She ended up with a lot of pets. She learned as much as she could, given her home isn't exactly a bright spot in the galaxy, which at least was helped by access to the Clan's trade records and better technology than available to many others of her species.

Despite urgings to stay local and focus on the traditional medicines of the Nautolan, Ayeeou wanted more. She felt the call of the galaxy, and all those other life forms to study and learn to heal. By the time she reached her age of adulthood, she'd been in regular contact with some of the best schools on Coruscant. It had been the center of the Republic and then the Empire, so it was the best place to gain first-hand knowledge of as many species as possible.

They might not have wanted this life for their daughter, but when she was determined the Wanaii Clan supported her. They paid for her to attend the best of the academies, and for her to live comfortably while doing so. She worked hard, knowing that she was expected to bring her training back home once done and having no intention of doing so. That hard work paid off, and she was one of the best in her class. Of course, it helped that her tendrils and a particularly keen sense of smell helped her to sense things that other students could not.

As her education approached completion, Ayeeou had to decide what was next. There were offers from some very prestigious medical centers, of course. There was the pressure to return home to Glee Anselm. And then there was what she wanted. She didn't want home, and she didn't want someplace where she'd only meet people of means. She wanted to get out into the galaxy and see things. She wanted to take what she'd learned, and have an adventure. In the end, she chose Nar Shaddaa. That did not make anyone else happy, and there was a great deal of 'fraught with peril' talk. It does no good to try to fight a rebellious streak though, and in the end they let her go have her adventure to get it out of her system. With strict instructions not to tell anyone that her family is one of means, lest she be held for ransom by ruffians and scoundrels. Her mother's actually words. After tearful farewells, she was on her way...

Things have become... interesting since her arrival on the moon.