The Shadowport

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"...This ship is owned by Harlan's Helljumpers, and they have a nasty habit of firing drop pods into houses of people who don't pay their debts. They are bad people and I am confiscating their ship."
-- Zhu Yan, to Triz Dermout

Background, and Zhu Yan's Theft

The Baleen-class Heavy Freighter formerly known as the Enforcer was the property of one Harlan Kaienomai, of Harlan's Helljumpers. The Helljumpers referred to themselves as High Impact Public Relations Executives due to their combat doctrine of firing themselves out of the hangar of the Enforcer in drop pods for dramatic tactical insertions. Cool, right? Except, these tactical insertions were often into the houses of people who had failed to pay debts to their employers at the time. Usually this resulted in wanton property damage and driving the target even more into debt. Logical conclusions abound.

Now, business is business, but when it came to debt collection firing a gigantic missile full of soldiers at non-combatants trying to make a living was more than a little overkill. Zhu Yan, who previously thought they were pretty cool, was a bit miffed by this. Since his collection of bits and pieces had become too much to transport around in one ship, and he loathed the idea of locking things up in a hangar, he decided to steal it.

How a ship not rated for atmospheric flight landed itself in a clearing at the Jundland Wastes on Tatooine was something of a mystery. If Zhu Yan knew, he wasn't telling. What followed was raids on the vessel by Tusken Raiders, followed by a dramatic blitzkrieg conducted by Zhu Yan, Tarion Tavers, and Oriana of Defiance. Conveniently, Triz Dermout of the Resistance was conducting a patrol in the area and took down the Helljumpers that were returning from Anchorhead with supplies. As a result, the Enforcer became the property of Zhu Yan.

The name wasn't to remain, however. As a big floating hangar potentially containing ships of a terrorist nature, it needed to fly under the radar. The first thing he did was change the IFF to refer to a Naboo company long defunct, the Binks Whaling Company. The new designation for the Heavy Freighter became BWC-HF-001.


Yan sat around in the ship for two years. Two years. He's that lazy. He kept whatever ships he owned onboard it and used it as a mobile hangar with a crew of one. As expected, it didn't take long for the ship to fall into disrepair, and after nearly snapping it in half on a hyperjump from Yavin to Tatooine he came to the conclusion that he needed to fix the thing. But he couldn't do it alone.

That was around about the time he met Kaelyn and Kisaiya. Of course all hell broke loose. From the three of them, the idea of a Shadowport was formed. A mobile base, with plenty of space for those who live aboard to dock their ships much as Yan had been doing. A hub of trade, business, invention, all sorts of things. A floating city. A home.

But first, they had to clean it up.

All of it.




  • Two tractor beams.
  • Whatever docked starships are available.
  • A comm unit and Zhu Yan's command of the Ryl language.

Repairs & Modifications