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          You see before you a young Zabrak man. Standing at 6'2" he appears strong and healthy, with hair black as as the night, and skin that is light brown, all contrasted by eyes of intense green. The man often holds himself proudly, a ring of horns around his head. Starting at his temples and going around his head are a line of red chevrons stretching all the way around to meet at the back of his head, with blue slashes angled forward and extending down about an inch from the bottom edge of each chevron without touching. The man has a sharp nose and thin lips, the calloused hands of one accustomed to work, or weilding a weapon, or a combination of the two.


          Here stands a muscular Zabrak male, with light green eyes and a generally attractive facial structure, who seems to be getting along into middle ages. he's got a veriety of tattos on his body though those that are most obvious are a ring of chevrons going around his forehead like a headband, they point forward and meet in the middle of his forehead but up a bit, just under his array of horns and hair. He has hair, it's black and covers a good portion of his head, currently cut just short enough that one could not get a handful of it if they tried. The rest of his markings cannot be seen when he is clothed, however.


          Bar'duur was born on Iridonia, being the middle child in a family of eight, he grew up with his parents, grandparents, two brothers and two sisters. The town in which he lived was tribal in nature, they lived far from the spaceport, from the rest of civilization. Life was seen as a series of tests, rituals were common, some were more important than others, but always there were tests, the young Zabraks in the village often challenged each other to ritual combat. In this way, the society would stay strong, those who were strong were marked and rewarded, and though Bar'duur did well, He had grown somewhat discontent with his people.

          Longing to see more, learn more about things he'd never know in that life, he traveled to the nearest spaceport, He got advice from a spacer there and a ride. Most would call the advice given to Bar'duur fairly poor, Nar Shaddaa is not really the safest place to learn about the galaxy at large for the first time, but the hunter saw it for what it was, another type of wilderness, a new environment to learn about and adapt to.


Amaza Wahl - A local Nar Shaddaa cop, admirable woman who knows how to take care of herself.

Narsai Ordo - A Mandalorian he's known for many years, trained him to use a jetpack.

Zella - Fighter ace, she has a rough history, she works for him and he looks out for her.

Faidra - Off and on again dating.

Ufepideu - His chief mechanic, on Bitterpill and a friend before that.

R'rsai - A feline slicer for the group, very friendly.


Graywatch - Leader

Former Affiliations

Gizka Galactic - CEO
Rebel Yell - Soldier
Explorer's Guild - Survival Expert
Array Consortium - Captain: Bitterpill


          Bitterpill Bitterpill.jpeg

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