Binary Load Lifter

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Ubiquitous in spaceports across the galaxy, binary load lifters are fifth-degree droids designed for repetitious manual labor. Droids of this type were infamous for their grievous stupidity, but this limitation was more than matched by their extreme strength. They can often be seen loading and unloading cargo from starships or in warehouses.


Binary load lifters resemble a biped walker similar to the Imperial AT-ST, and at 3 meters tall, they are significantly taller than most other two-legged droids. Its limbs are reinforced with durasteel and are powered by hydraulic mechanisms which allow it to transport heavy loads with ease. These type of droids can't discern its center of gravity when working with particularly heavy loads so gyro-stabilizers help it to keep its balance.

Its wide "hands" can carry up to several tons without straining their hydraulic pivots. A primitive photoreceptor scanner is set in the lifter's head which allows the droid to see and identify its cargo. A hard armor covered the droid, ensuring that it can last for a long time by protecting the droid from the inevitable scratches and dents associated with hard labor and also by preventing it from doing too much damage to itself because of its inherent stupidity.