Birena Tai

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Tai space.jpg

The Birena Tai is a CEC YT-2400 class light freighter.


The ship known as the Birena Tai has likely had many lives before this one. She is currently owned by one Nerys Greystorm.


  • Nerys Greystorm - Captain. Pilot.
  • Kael Greystorm - Also the Captain. Pilot.
  • BB-L8 "Belate" - Astromech droid to the stars. Ask him, he'll tell you. (Does Belate have a PB, you ask? Yes he does!) THIS fine fellow.


  • TBA

Modifications and Upgrades

  • Hyperdrive upgraded to rating of .75x.
  • Engines upgraded to speeds of 100 MGLT (Space) and 180 MGLT (Atmos).
  • The Tai's build out has been modified to house a medical bay, including a Synth Tissue Replication Station.


  • Turret: (2) Dual Laser Cannon
  • Launcher: (1) Concussion Missile
  • Misc: (1) Sensor/Comm Jamming System