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Squad Info

Black Squadron has a rich history of service dating back to the beginning of General Leia Organa's Resistance. The squad originally consisted of 6 members total, handpicked by Poe Dameron to conduct missions that achieved the needs of the Resistance. At the time, their biggest priority was locating a famed explorer by the name of Lor San Tekka because it was rumored that he knew the location of Commander Luke Skywalker, the legendary hero and fabled Jedi Master from the Galactic Civil War.

The first six members of Black Squad were, (in order in the picture from left to right) Captain Karé Kun, Captain Temmin 'Snap' Wexley, Commander Poe Dameron, Captain L'ulo L'ampar, Captain Jessika Pava, and Chief Oddy Muva (their engineer). Black Squadron saw a series of rapid deployments with missions that ranged from complicated ground operations to extremely dangerous sorties in space. Mission after mission took its toll on the team, and when L'ulo L'ampar was killed in action, the squad was devastated. L'ulo had been one of the senior officers and a close friend to everyone. Further developments revealed the Chief, Oddy Muva, was a traitor and had the most divisive effect on the team upon this revelation. Oddy was killed in action, sacrificing himself to destroy a First Order ship in order to save the squadmates he betrayed. Snap moved up to the executive officer billet, and the team adopted Lieutenant Suralinda Javos to fill the gap in personnel and effectively replace L'ulo.

Black Squadron's mission parameters remained the same throughout the cold war. Despite having numerous run-ins with the nefarious First Order, their biggest challenge was locating Lor San Tekka. When First Order Agent Terex realized the importance of the explorer, he began to undermine Black Squadron's efforts. He went so far as to capture Tekka, and hold him ransom for his own selfish gain, pitting the First Order against the Resistance in a sortie that nearly killed Jessika Pava. Ultimately, Black Squadron was successful in their mission, but Tekka did not have the answers they sought, initially. He had to set out on his own journey to find where Luke had gone. Black Squadron took on other missions by that point, dealing more directly with the threat of the First Order.

This image is of Black Squadron following their successful mission in finding Lor San Tekka, and taking a moment to savor the victory and hard road ahead. Black Squadron remained together until the Battle of Starkiller Base. They had launched a successful recon mission using a vessel designed and built by Pava to scan the superweapon in order to prepare for the attack. Snap Wexley had volunteered to fly the coffin-sized recon craft and barely made it back alive. Black Squad dissolved then to reinforce elements of Blue and Red Squadrons during the offensive attack. Following the successful attack, Black Squadron was repurposed and deployed to an undisclosed location and left D'Qar just before the First Order arrived to destroy the Resistance fleet. Captain Pava stayed long enough to help Poe modify his X-Wing for a suicide mission against a dreadnought.

Black Squad saw its fourth iteration within the Resistance shortly after the Battle of Crait. General Organa saw the value in having a large team versatile enough to conduct ground and air operations. Poe was reinstated as Commander and given authority to pick his team. Stretching the roster, Poe acquired 12 pilots including Jess, Kare, and Snap. Additionally, they added Lieutenant Elrych Cometburn, Lieutenant Ektor-Xer Apollyon, Captain Karas Darkwing, Captain Tallissan Lintra, Flight Officer Nova Korell, Flight Officer Zandra naMuriel, Flight Officer Callax Dalso, Rey Skywalker, and Flight Officer Miri Sakir. This roster alternated over time, but for the most part, remained the same through much of the war. Black Squadron saw action all over the galaxy: Both, Tion, Naboo, Rodia, Blackrock, Coruscant, Exegol, Mon Calamari, and Chandrila. Shortly after, the Resistance was grandfathered into the New Republic, and Black Squadron was closed. Black Squadron sustained another terrible loss during Exegol, Temmin 'Snap' Wexley was killed in action shortly before the arrival of the civilian fleet. This devastated the squad.

It's now the fifth iteration of Black Squadron. Members of this squad are all handpicked, special operations capable personnel eager and willing to conduct missions all over the galaxy on behalf of the New Republic.

Effective 2/3/2022, Black Squad has shut down for the time being. It may return in the future. - Poe Player


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