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Guri and Prince Xizor.
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Black Sun is a galaxy-spanning criminal empire characterized by amorality, efficiency, and long-term planning. It operates through legitimate business fronts, freelance mercenaries, and double agents.

Under Prince Xizor and his second-in-command Guri, the organization has gained an underworld reputation for lavishly rewarding loyalty and competence while ruthlessly pursuing the families and friends of traitors.

Black Sun recently took control of Reach Galactic, an investment and business services firm operating outside Republic jurisdiction. Under its aegis, Black Sun is moving to expand its influence into Hutt Space, the Unknown Regions, and the Outer Rim.

How To Get Involved

It's easy! Just skew towards enjoying criminal or underworld-type RP and reach out to Ryo Odessa. He'll arrange to bring you into the fold and get you set up on the road to crime-y funtimes.


The Black Sun criminal syndicate has existed in one form or another for hundreds of years. It reached the apex of its power and influence during the Galactic Civil War, but its leader was presumed dead when a personal feud led Darth Vader to turn the Imperial war machine against him.

The organization rebuilt its strength and connections during the New Republic's decades of peace, and Prince Xizor is said to lead it once more.

Rules and Polices

  1. Be courteous to everyone OOC, not just within the org but everywhere on the game. We're all here for the same thing.
  2. If there's another org you want to be part of, go for it! The only exceptions are the First Order and maybe the Resistance. These are not Guild rules, but Mush rules.
  3. If you have any issues with someone within the group, please contact Ryo for arbitration if you cannot work out your differences independently.
  4. Log posts are not required, but they are encouraged. We would love our people to be active on the grid. If you idle off the Mush, you're out by default. If you don't connect for long periods of time, or you're doing the old 'connect/disconnect' thing just to keep from idling out, you're going to get @mail and if it doesn't change then eventually that's going to end with you being removed from the group.


Black Sun has one of the most powerful private militaries in the galaxy. Its representatives sit atop galaxy-wide corporations, both fronts and legitimate enterprises. Black Sun itself has a share of almost every illegal market and industry in the New Republic. Agents ranging from reporters and politicians to spies and slavers receive "bonuses" for feeding information and resources to Black Sun, often without realizing their ultimate employer.