BlasTech DL-21

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Modeled after the DL-18, this 'poor man's pistol' is not very widely used, because most blasters have a built in stun setting. It is most often seen in the hands of poor street thugs who cannot afford a real blaster. The weapon takes the same shape as the DL-18, with the familiar jet black construct offset by dull metallic plating. The short, skinny barrel is tipped with a focusing cone that the DL-18 does not have, offering a bit more coherence to the otherwise weak stun beam.

Skill: Ranged: Blaster Pistols vs Dodge Ranged
Settings: Stun
Damage: 4 wound points & 40 stun points.
Charge: 0 shots left of 10 max. (BlasTech Powercell)
Accuracy: 72%
Range: 15 meters optimal/30m medium/50 meters max.
Legality: A - Unrestricted
Modifications: 0
Modification Slots: 1 Total Mod Slot
Firing Modes: Single shot per-combat-round.