Borias Temerian

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A former Sector Ranger Special Enforcement Officer (SEO), Borias was originally signed undercover on Nar Hutta to gather intelligence on various criminal organizations based out of Hutt Space. When the First Order destroyed the Republic, he, like many other Rangers, resigned rather than serving as the Order's iron heel. Drifting for a time as a private detective, Borias was eventually convinced by Hex that he could do more good as part of an organization and joined the Resistance as an intelligence officer.

Following the Battle of Exegol, where he was seriously injured as part of the force that boarded the Sith command ship, he spent some time recovering, during which the Resistance was formally disbanded and folded back into the New Republic force forming at Chandrila. After leaving the hospital, Borias applied to and joined the New Republic Security Bureau, returning to his roots as an officer of the law. Given his previous experience, he was assigned as a roving troubleshooter based on Chandrila, but was killed in the line of duty during the Sith invasion of the planet.