Bors Thul

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Bors Thul

Title: Lord, Buhbors
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Alderaanian Noble
Profession: Combat Pilot
Homeworld: Alderaan
Organization: Black Squadron
Ship: Black 07 (RZ2 A-Wing)


A noble of the House of Thul of old Alderaan - born months before the destruction of his homeworld by the Death Star. A pilot for Black Squadron, flying an A-Wing scout fighter and often serving in an infantry role when operating on the ground.

Character Info

Much of the early life of Bors was spent aboard the 'Frost Light' the Baudo Yacht used by his family for travel, and later home after the destruction of Alderaan shortly after his birth. A child of a scattered, endangered, people and son to the now nearly destroyed House of Thul. Bors was treated as a cherished member of the last children of Alderaan that was and instilled with duty to his people and his culture lest it be forgotten to time. The loss of the world and the call to Rebellion became a focal point of his education as well. Peace did not save Alderaan. Only future action would restore it.

The son of Vix and Bayii Thul, younger brother of Uypiia, the immediate family having been nominally genial to one another and extended family, they became close knit when they had no home to go to. Lands lost, estates gone, their ownly possessions being connections to trade firms and their yacht, the family fell in with one another understanding to be so was survival. Family and people first was instructed. Loyalty to Alderaan and her people. Compassion for others, even one's enemy. Life was still precious, even if peace was not entirely possible.

Curious and inspired by legends of Alderaan's history, Bors was a youth often poking his nose into places he was told not too. Sneaking onto shuttles traveling between the colony worlds, the ash worlds, and once following his father to Yavin IV itself when meeting with the New Republic after the Empire's fall. Attentive to his lessons, but excited for the notion of growing up to become someone to help lead his people back into the light of the galaxy. His adherence to courtly manner and behavior was strictly enforced and eventually fell away from 'coarse' behavior and was forged into a man of courtly dignity benefiting the House of Thul and the expectations there in.

But speeders and flying became his passion. The exhilaration of high speed flight and dangerous maneuvers were an escape from the stiff manners of life among the displaced nobility and his natural ability was noted by his mother and sister in his teen years when 'allowed to drive' to some function or back home. To his joy he was allowed to let much of his artistic study lack in order pursue a career as a pilot, being enrolled in the Republic's training programs and enrolled in the academy when old enough to join.

Capable and gifted the academy was easily the best four years of Bors's life, the thrill of competition and the look of pride in the slowly re-growing House of Thul's eyes as he sought out a place by names like Tycho Celchu who had shown that Alderaanians were willing to strike back. Graduation brought him to induction into the New Republic's Starfighter ops for a term of service. Several years of protecting transports, hunting pirates but mostly tedium between operations while nurturing the youthful foolishness of a wish for action that was lacking. Such it was that when the term was up he opted to return to Alderaan's sister world of Delaya and join with local security forces, hoping to further his service where he thought it could be needed most.


Name Opinions
Ulani Kalgaav A person stumbled onto on Bors's occasional wanderings of Chandrila. Poignant questions answered and her younger sister protected from a past that she should not be punished for. Either of them. A strong affection rests between them and Bors is dead set on helping her have a better life than the one she escaped.
Aryn Cole Her highness, chosen by Bail's own daughter. A kind and endearing soul whom he strives to prove as the right choice, despite some of the questions of the Houses.
Ektor A lordly pirate become a decent soldier and worthwhile companion. Needs a monocle.
Poe Dameron Known only in short spurts, but an able commander and likely a friend to be had if he had the time for life. A pity, but not a pitiable man.
Ban Iskender Lord Ban, the Green Knight. Gentleman and protector of Aryn - a man whom Bors should want to know better, for their dedication to the throne.
Jessika Pava Oh dear Jessika, the warrior queen, a woman who has Bors's utmost respect. Perhaps a friend, even if he is held at arms length, for there is no need. They are out of each other's stars for one reason or another.
Shemar The RNG - Good ol' Nugget. The man has sand, that's definitely admirable.
Lofty Squishable soft exterior. Fizzpop filled warrior inside.