Bryar B-R9

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A relic from the Galactic Civil War, the K-16 Bryar Pistol is a heavy blaster created by shortening a Bryar rifle and replacing the stock with a pistol grip. This weapon is known for having the unique ability to charge its shots for devastating power, but in its stock configuration this charge time is quite lengthy. Much of the weapon is a large barrel with dark grey plating and distinctive bronze ribs stretching over the top. A large muzzle is mounted at the front where the barrel terminates. At the rear is the new pistol grip with a power cell mounted on left side above the trigger and a hammer that is pulled to safely clear any charge built up in the barrel.

Skill: Ranged: Blaster Pistols vs Dodge Ranged
Settings: Kill\Stun
Damage: 50 wound points & 5 stun points.
Charge: 0 shots left of 6 max. (BlasTech Powercell)
Accuracy: 72%
Range: 7 meters optimal/50 meters max.
Legality: B1 - Restricted
Modifications: 0
Modification Slots: 2 Total Mod Slot
Firing Modes: Single shot per-combat-round unless user has 60+ in adjusted attack skill. If user has 90+ then the scene judge may grant 2 shots.