C2-R4 Multipurpose Droid

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The C2-R4 was a multi-purpose droid built by a Squib droid consortium in an attempt to make a droid capable of accomplishing practically any task. Therefore, it was not unsurprising that it was considered a failure, as the final product was an ugly jack-of-all-trades design with no real purpose in mind. Given its generally disastrous performance on the open market, such models are usually kept around as conversation pieces rather than actively in service.


The C2-R4 series had had the body of an R2 unit, a number of bulbs and appendages (such as whip-like extensors) on its sides, and an opening in the middle of its face with a grill and seemingly, a set of sharp teeth. The droid had many capabilities including catalytic fuel conversion, enzymatic composition breakdown, bacterial composting acceleration, and chemical diagnostic programming as well as meal preparation, toaster oven, bang-corn air-popper, and blender. C2-R4s also had the programming of a protocol unit, enabling them to speak in Basic instead of Binary.