CEC GT-B8 Gambit

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Corellian Engineering Corporation


ultra-Light Freighter

90,000 credits (new)

Hyperdrive rating
Class 1.0

Laser cannon turret (1)


Minimum crew


Cargo capacity
10-60 Tons

Transport Freighter Smuggling Vessel Pirate Vessel

Background and History

The Gambit is a new class of light freighter by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. It's a small freighter usable by a single crew member.

The 'Gambit Light Freighter' is one of the newest designs from Corellian Engineering Corporation, having rolled off the production line this decade. Its primary function was to haul a light amount of cargo at a very quick pace, as well as serve as a medical transport for injured individuals.

Based on the older Maccrow-design, the Gambit Light Freighter takes on many of the same features and goals of that older era of ship. with a primary design goal of building upon the Maccrow-design to make the ship better perform in almost every way.

CEC came to realize that they had fallen into a rut of building ships that only larger crews could manage and set forth to create this ship... something a single crew member could effectively pilot. Though with a co-pilot seat included, and a gunnery well on the upper hull, the ship still holds room for more help.

With a box-like central body and a elongated forward cockpit that has a large viewport on both the starboard and port side, as well as along the upper body of the cockpit... the ship is sleek and quite streamlined. Two large engine pods extend off of the back portion of the ship while two small wings extend off the front half, giving the ship a 'flying squirrel'-like appearance. This ship looks speedy and sporty.