CNG S3 Heavy Battle Armor

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Cinnigar, the oldest and most experienced armor craftsman company in the galaxy, has for generations put out its line of Battle Armors for use by the public. They're the mainstay in personal protection whether it be from ranged attacks or melee. The Cinnigar Battle Armors are the most reliable you'll find, and some sets are valuable collector's items amongst those fanatic about such things.
The S-series of armor is the latest, and most widespread to-date. The Heavy Battle Armor comes with durasteel-alloy chest plating, shoulder guards, gauntlets, knee and elbow coverings as well as coverings for the forearms, upper arms, upper thighs and the shins -and- a full sized helmet with holo-imaging viewplate. The alloy plates are able to refract and reduce blaster damage and overall the Heavy Battle Armor is at the top of the Cinnigar S-series when it comes to protection, but the bottom when it comes to agility. The armor also comes stock with a heavy duty fiber jumpsuit that the armor plating is attached upon.

Included with Armor:

  • Full Helmet that provides full Nightvision (superior to Low-light) and weapon fire locator (Can designate origins of weapon fire within vision range).
  • Plating for the chest, shoulders, hands, elbows, knees, arms and legs.
  • Protective fiber undersuit that offers additional protection to the wearer.
 .----< Information >------------------------------------------------------.
| Damage Threshold: 4 / Protection Rating: 40% |
| - Attribute Mods - |
| [ STR ( 0) ] [ DEX (-10) ] [ CON ( 0) ] [ INT ( 0) ] |
| [ PER ( 10) ] [ CHA ( 0) ] |