CSA Riot Armor

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Merr-Sonn KZZ riot armor.jpg

Commonly seen inside the borders of the Corporate Sector Authority, this armor was worn by Authority Espo troopers and were almost as fear-inducing as Stormtrooper armor during the age of the Empire. Consisting of a tight-fitting, climate-controlled suit with a sixteen-piece armor shell made from woven poly-ceramics, this personal armor is an excellent design rarely seen outside of Authority space.

Included With Armor: Climate-controlled bodysuit, blast helmet with visor, armor shell consisting of breastplate, arm and leg armor sections, boots and gauntlets.

Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc.
Damage Threshold: Melee: 3
Protection Rating: 30%
STR: 0
DEX: -5
CON: 0
INT: 0
PER: 0
CHA: 0