Caius Sentari

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There's no bigger dictatorship than a beat cop at his post.

— Sentari's mentor on his first day

Caius "Cai" Sentari is a Human male Law Officer in the Coruscant Security Force. Though harsh with his methods, Sentari has been able to consistently produce results, allowing him to climb in the CSF hierarchy and attain the rank of Detective by c. 36 ABY. Sentari operated with impunity until his incarceration by SIP over a Corruption charge. Shortly before the Sith-Imperial Occupation, he was exonerated, reinstated and promoted to the head of Underworld Precinct 1313's Gang Unit.

Sentari has continued to rise in power with the proclamation of the Sith regime. Having made himself known to its shadowy leadership, the now-Junior Prefect has been authorised to spearhead the CSF special task force SMASH, seeking to enforce order and the rule of law on the whole of Coruscant - and perhaps even beyond…


Born into downzone poverty and eventually orphaned, Sentari grew up on the streets of Coruscant's infamous Level 1313 with nothing but a burning hatred for the criminality that stole everything from him driving him forward - while ironically resorting to criminality in order to survive. It was only a matter of time until he was caught red-handed by a particularly surly officer the Coruscant Security Force - who, after learning of the boy's circumstances, decided to take him in as a juvenile ward.

Sentari was eventually enrolled into the Coruscant Underworld Police, a sub-group of the CSF dedicated to maintaining peace and order in the labyrinthian and crime-infested Coruscanti Underworld. As part of this organization's anti-gang taskforce, he has made a name for himself by outwitting and brutally suppressing criminals to both his benefit and the status quo's.

Personality and traits

We're the Underworld Police, blob. Your civil liberties are about to be violated.

— Caius Sentari, heard during a bust

Caius Sentari stands 1.7 meters tall and has grey eyes. One of them was lost in a bloody raid and was replaced by a functional prosthetic. He has short auburn hair that is kept neat and slicked back, likely a signet of obsessive orderliness.

Sentari's troubled childhood and the resultant hardships led him to believe that the strong remain in power only by maintaining control over those beneath them - that life is a constant struggle for survival. The lessons of Sentari's youth continued to influence him throughout his adolescent years, particularly in the CSF Police Academy where he regularly ended up in brawls with other students. His mentor - an influential CSF sergeant - was (thankfully) a balancing factor, guiding Sentari's growth and making sure his energy was put to better uses. Sentari is known to be brave to the point of manic recklessness, and he would go on to quickly claim the rank of Detective by merit (and a lot of grease).


In formal and street functions, Sentari wears a standard gold-and-black dress uniform worn by Underworld Police officers with the rank insignia of a Junior Prefect, usually layered beneath a stab-resistant overcoat. Given his position in a task force which sees frequent combat, however, he is more often than not found in his personal Coruscant Guard armour, which is primarily designed to provide protection in close-quarters battle. Its sophisticated battle helmet is lined with advanced sensors which allows him work in complete darkness, and also contains a comlink scrambler. It is also equipped with a voice activated heads-up display that shows his unit's positions and provides a useful method of navigating complex city structures.

He is occasionally seen flaunting a modified E-11 blaster carbine with distinctive wooden furniture in and out of battle.

RP Hooks

Slumdog: Caius is not the most well-mannered of people, having grown up rough in a rough neighbourhood, surrounded by rough people and having to work through rough circumstances. Hence, he can be defined in a nutshell as, 'rough'.

Law Officer: As the leader of a special police task force, Caius has wider jurisdictional coverage than most and could fill out any role that requires a jackboot - antagonistic or not.

Avid Lush: Like to drink? So does Caius. He'll even buy you one - provided it leads somewhere 'useful'.

Political Pundit: Speaking of drinking, Caius has some rather controversial opinions that come out a few glasses into it.

Mercenary: Caius has been known to offer his services to the right bidders, especially considering the upkeep of his operations.