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Character Information:
Full Name: Lady Calii Keva Faction: Civilians, New Republic, Gizka Galactic, The Phoenix Consortium
Age: 27 Title: Lady
Birthdate: 11 ABY Profession: Politician
Species: Mirialan Occupation: Senator of Coruscant
Planet of Origin: Mirial Ship: YCT Dragoste
Family & Friends Vital Statistics
Father: Esphov Keva (Retired) Height: 1.75m (5'9")
Mother: Sora Keva (Retired) Weight: 60kg (132 lbs)
Siblings: Devii Keva (Identical Twin) Hair Color: Jet Black
Friends: Bar'duur, Sabella, Sion, Neamhain, Kaiden, Luka, Nebbie, Oriana, Tylin Eye Color: Fire Orange
Cold, calculative, manipulative, and ruthless are how some would certainly describe this former cut-throat practitioner of law and Coruscanti senator, while others would never think that she could be anything beyond an overly-kind and considerate Lady of the graces. There are those that wouldn't trade her presence and friendship for anyone else in the galaxy, and then there are those that would love nothing better than seeing her kicking up daisies or disintegrated into ash. One wouldn't call her famous so much as infamous, the type of person people know about but don't really want to talk about, less they feel a bit intimidated or sheepish. It's also not uncommon to use her name to invoke threats towards others in an attempt to leverage, laden from the Lawyer days. No matter, through thick or thin, if one is in need of someone that can not only fit for them in a legal sense, but also knows the in's and out's of the system in general (*wink*), this is your girl.

Calii is a Mirialan female with a height of 1.75 meters and an overall medium build that is accentuated with toned features. Her skin tone is of a blemish-free light green that is graced by the various tattoos across her body, made up of intricate squares, that have been acquired throughout her walk through life.

Her jet black hair is normally kept pulled back into a ponytail, bun, or a braid that runs the length of her long locks which settle just above a sculpted rear when it's let down. Black eyeliner and eyeshadow of a reddish hue craft an aura that seems to add depth to those orange eyes and finely sculpted eyebrows. Besides the hair on her head, those long black lashes that bat together are the only remaining hair on her entire body, very much like most other Mirialan females. A dainty nose is led to by a moderate bridge and ends at leveled nostrils. Below sits a pair of well-defined lips of a slightly darker tone in comparison with her skin. Her philtrum holds a nicely developed 'v' upon her upper lip and even though her lower lip is fuller than the top, though, they are both still very plush.

Tattoos which bolster towards her extreme achievements span across her face, starting from one side, in the hairline, and wrapping onto her cheekbones and over her nose's bridge, before disappearing into the hairline on the opposite side. They are also upon her forehead, moving down and coming together just in the mid of her brow, forming a triangular cross. They are all made up of small squares and some of the squares are made up of smaller triangles, each one holding special meaning.

Superbly postured shoulders lead down to fine slender hands adorned with manicured nails. Her chest sports large round globes that protrude forth regardless of the staunch garb that she is sporting that day. Her hips carry with them the sway of the hourglass and lead down to long slender legs and elegant feet.

Calii Keva is the eldest of identical twins, who were both born on Mirial 27 years ago. Her sister and lifelong partner in crime is Devii Keva. Her childhood was one of joys and trivial sorrows that barely amounted to anything of note.

Her parents were highly educated and spared no expense to make sure the twins had every opportunity to be accomplished in life. Her father (Esphov Keva) was the judge of their local district court, having previously been a defense attorney and her mother (Sora Keva) was a political pundit that was often in request to advise over hearings, proposed legalities, or the induction of legislation. She was also a noteworthy lobbyist.

It was clear that Calii had high ambition at even an early age and that drive was nurtured, fed with praise and knowledge until she was old enough set out to seek desire on her own and follow in the footsteps of her parents. She and Devii were like night and day, however, and even though they were both institutionalized in premium private academies that offered the best education anyone could ask for, Devii felt more at home skipping school with the cool kids.

Their paths regarding academics divided completely on the university level, it was the first time that Calii had ever been completely on her own, as her sister was always there for her, but they had divergent desires in regard to career choice and ambition, so separation was necessary. They kept in constant contact though and still spent their free time together, with friends of course, and after university they moved in together, supporting each other as they began to make their names and ways through their intended careers, for the most part.

In recent years, their careers have tugged away at their deep seeded bond, forcing a rift to nurture between them. Naturally, they still share a fondness for each other, but it's not the same as when they were merely children.

Additional Character Info:
Interests:   Republic and Imperial Law, Politics, Adventure, Self-discovery, Fine Arts, Economics, Galactic History, Government History, Etiquette.
  • She's a very hard worker! If you need something done, she's almost certainly willing to help!
  • Seems to have a legal loophole for most everything! Just ask.
  • She's not very experienced with space, just familiar, as she's spent far more of her life on solid ground.
  • Has been known to straddle the gray area of the law to get certain things done.
  • Carries herself with all the grace and esteem that a title of nobility would bring, but doesn't read too much into it.
  • Isn't above sticking her tongue out at people.
Roleplay Hooks:
  • She speaks with a heavy Imperial accent.
  • She has an identical twin sister, though she's the eldest of the two.
  • She is nobility on her home planet of Mirial and the status is recognized by the Elder Houses, meaning the title spans the reach of the New Republic. It was a title passed down from her parents.
  • She doesn't boast or berate others due to her noble heritage and thinks it's tacky of others to do so.
  • She was formerly a lawyer based out of Galactic City for the New Republic.
  • She has a very excitable personality and is optimistic for the most part. She will get snotty if it's required or instigated.
  • She is known to make trips to various worlds throughout the galaxy, getting hands-on experience towards what the people desire.
  • She's been therapeutically nullified to the effects of various pheromones, and not by her own wishes. It tends to make her quite the dead fish per say, and able to leach emotion away from those that can manipulate through empathic ability.
  • She's known to have many friends in a Galactic Trade Organization.
  • She holds to Centrist ideals at heart but doesn't favor either the left or right views. She also understands and acknowledges some of the more empathetic viewpoints held by the Populists.
  • She might seem middle of the road in the game of politics, but she's actually part of many small parties that wish to get rid of the divisiveness that has gripped the senate.
  • She is nearsighted, apparently coming up short in the gene pool regarding farsight.
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