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Major Coruscant Holidays

Note: These holidays revolve around the Tapani Sector which lies in the Core Regions and it includes the system of Sesswanna, in which the capitol of Coruscant is located.

Expansion Week:
A holiday that comes at the end of Selona and the start of Telona. Traditional celebrations include parades on worlds throughout the Core Regions and its known to be a 'party week' for it was begun during the early days of major amounts of exploration and discovery throughout the Tapani Sector.

Harvest Day:
A holiday held on the 17th of Yelona. Originally the day marked the first day of farming throughout most of the Tapani Sector but as times changed the holiday has turned into little more than a day off from work for most throughout the core.

On the 15th of Helona it is known that General Platt Mallar declared the great war of Yevethan had finally come to an end in the City of Mofat after five hard years of harsh combat on the world of Yeven. The holiday merely marks a day of rememberance and honor to all those who serve in the Imperial Military. It is also not uncommon for workers to have the day off.

Productivity Day:
On the second Hetunda in the month of Nelona, a day in which most factories throughout the Tapani Sector take off for company celebration. These companies often strive throughout the year to try to maximize their productivity with as much efficiency as possible. It is mostly a business holiday.

Shelova Week:
This traditional Herglic holiday celebrates commerce and family, two things which are interrelated to the Herglic race. A prominent holiday in the Tapani Sector, Shelova Week is a time to exchange gifts, make new business alliances, discuss trade arrangements, and spend time with family members. As the human population of the sector began interacting with the Herglics, they too began celebrating the holiday, although many humans simply take vacations instead of also developing business partnetships. On the Coruscant calendar, Shelova Week falls on the 11th of Melona and lasts till the 15th.

Republic Day:
This holiday celebrates the first day that the Republic Senate met on Coruscant. The day has turned into little more than a day off from most standard jobs in the Core Regions since the formation of the Galactic Empire. This holiday falls on the 1st of Selona.

This day marks the beginning of the summer season throughout the Tapani Sector. Most use it as an excuse to go out and get drunk across the stars since its typically a day off from work. Thulpin falls on the 10th of Telona.

Winter Fete:
This holiday in the Tapani Sector originally marked the winter equinox on the planet Pelagon. The original settlers there were the first to celebrate Winter Fete, and when they began settling other planets in the sector, the holiday went with them. Over time, the holiday was modified to coincide with Coruscant's Fete Week. Typically this holiday is begun with a week of celebrations, parades, present giving, huge parties and it ends by ringing in the new year throughout the Core Regions and most of the civilized other regions of the galaxy. In the current Tapani local calendar, Winter Fete falls on the very last week of the year, the 31st to the 35th of Welona.

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