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This is a list of the coded modifications currently in the game.

Droid Modifications

Carbine Modifications

Carbine Ammo Tier 1
Carbine Ammo Tier 2
Carbine Ammo Tier 3
Carbine Barrel Tier 1
Carbine Barrel Tier 2
Carbine Barrel Tier 3
Carbine Sight Tier 1
Carbine Sight Tier 2
Carbine Sight Tier 3

General Ship Modifications

Concussion Missile Launcher
Ship Cargo Pod 25 Tons
Ship Cargo Pod 50 Tons
Ship Cargo Pod 100 Tons
Ship Heavy Ion Cannon
Ship Heavy Laser Cannon
Ship Navi Computer Tier 1
Ship Navi Computer Tier 2
Ship Navi Computer Tier 3
Ship Quad Laser Turret
Ship Sensor/Comm Jammer
Ship Tractor Beam Projector

General Weapon Modifications

Weapon Ammo Incindiary
Weapon Barrel Suppressor
Weapon Grip Bomb
Weapon Grip Handlock
Weapon Grip Maglock
Weapon Grip Quickdraw
Weapon Sight Ascension Line
Weapon Sight Flashlight

Light Freighter Modifications

Light Freighter Engines Tier 1
Light Freighter Engines Tier 2
Light Freighter Engines Tier 3
Light Freighter Hyperdrive x0.75
Light Freighter Hyperdrive x1.0
Light Freighter Hyperdrive x1.5

Pistol Modifications

Pistol Ammo Tier 1
Pistol Ammo Tier 2
Pistol Ammo Tier 3
Pistol Barrel Tier 1
Pistol Barrel Tier 2
Pistol Barrel Tier 3
Pistol Sight Tier 1
Pistol Sight Tier 2
Pistol Sight Tier 3

Rifle Modifications

Rifle Ammo Tier 1
Rifle Ammo Tier 2
Rifle Ammo Tier 3
Rifle Barrel Tier 1
Rifle Barrel Tier 2
Rifle Barrel Tier 3
Rifle Sight Tier 1
Rifle Sight Tier 2
Rifle Sight Tier 3

Starfighter Modifications

Starfighter Concussion Missile Launcher
Starfighter Engine Boost
Starfighter Hyperdrive
Starfighter Hyperdrive Mount
Starfighter Ion Cannon
Starfighter Laser Cannon
Starfighter Navi Computer T1
Starfighter Proton Torpedo Launcher
Starfighter Sensor/Comm Jammer
Starfighter Weapon Mount

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