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The timeline of the Star Wars galaxy is complex and detailed. Here is a simple timeline for up to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Circa 25,000 Before the Battle of Yavin (B.B.Y.): HyperSpace becomes a widespread means of transportation in the galaxy, and Galactic exploration becomes readily available. The Galactic Republic establishes itself on Coruscant, and the Jedi order assembles itself from unknown origins.

Circa 3,900 B.B.Y.: The Planet Naboo is founded and settled by colonists ariving from the planet Grizmallt. It is around this time the first Anti-Peace sentiments develop between the natives of Naboo (The Gungans), and the human colonists who arrived. This sentiment dominates the planet of Naboo for thousands of years to come.

Circa 2,000 B.B.Y.: A Rogue Jedi falls to the darkside and rebuilds the fallen Sith order, leading hundreds of Force Sensitive learners into war against their enemies, the Jedi.

Circa 1,000 B.B.Y.: After a fierce trap was sprung on a large group of Jedi under the banner of the 'Army of Light', Darth Bane and his nemesis, Lord Kaan, spring a trap for the Jedi at Ruusan. Turning on Kaan, Darth Bane manages to slip out before the full destruction ont he planet reigned true. He is the first of his New 'Sith order', and begins the new traditions that would hold true for millenia.

896 B.B.Y.: Jedi Master Yoda is born on an unknown world. He will easily rise to become, undoubtedly, one of the greatest and wisest Jedi to ever grace the Council chambers.

600 B.B.Y.: Jabba The Hutt is born on the Planet Nal Hutta. Jabba would eventually stake his claim to fame and greed on the planet of Tatooine, opposing Gardulla the Hutt as it's ruler.

490 B.B.Y.: The Corporate Sector and CSA (Corporate Sector Authority) are formed.

350 B.B.Y.: The Trade Federation is founded and are recognized by the Galactic Senate, even being offered a chair in senate meetings and Diplomatic affairs.

200 B.B.Y.: Chewbacca the Wookie is born on the planet Kashyyyk. Chewbacca would eventually grow to befriend Han Solo, and would achieve the unofficial title of 'Hero of the Alliance' before his death. In his wanning years he often served as a diplomat to the people of Kashyyyk in the early years of the New Galactic Republic.

92 B.B.Y.: Qui-Gon Jinn is born; Planet Unknown. He would become one of the greatest, and most controversial, of the Jedi Masters to date.

82 B.B.Y.: Palpatine is Born on the planet Naboo. He would eventually rise to rule the galaxy with an iron fist.

72 B.B.Y.: Mace Windu and Smhi Skywalker are born; Planet's Unknown. Mace becomes one of the greatest Lightsaber users of all the Jedi. Shmi is the Mother to Anakin Skywalker, and so called 'Chosen One'.

64 B.B.Y.: Wilhuff Tarkin is born on the planet Eriadu. He would eventually take on the Imperial Title 'Moff' Tarkin, and rule just as Palpatine had hoped. It was he who gave the final authorization to destroy Alderaan shortly before the battle of Yavin.

60 B.B.Y.: The Light freighter 'Millenium Falcon', a stock YT-1300, is constructed in the CEC Drive yards over Corellia.

57 B.B.Y.: Obi-Wan Kenobi is born; Planet Unknown. One of the greatest of the Jedi, his prime would be cut short by Imperial Rule. He eventually takes on the Padawan Anakin Skywalker and later, after Anakin's fall, Anakin's son Luke.

48 B.B.Y.: Mon Mothma is born on he planet Chandrila. She would eventually rise to Chief of State of the New Galactic Republic, and leads the Alliance through touch times in the early years against the Empire.

46 B.B.Y.: Padme' Naberrie Amidala is born on the planet Naboo. She would be one of the youngest Queen's elected to the world, and marries Anakin Skywalker. Her marriage would go on to fruit two twin children, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.

45 BBY Sheev Palpatine's attention falls on the new Mand'alor, Jango Fett and he begins to set a plan in motion.

44 B.B.Y.: Ackbar is born on the planet Mon Calamari. He would prove to be a well needed Admiral in the later years of the Rebel Alliance, and was considerred to be one of the greatest tacticians the Alliance had seen. He also, in conjuncture with the Verpine, led the creation of the B-Wing bomber. Obi-Wan Kenobi is accepted as Qui-Gon Jinn's Padawan on Coruscant, just shy of Obi-Wan's thirteenth birthday, when he was doomed to graduate and go into 'Jedi farming'.

41 B.B.Y.:

Anakin Skywalker is born on the planet Tatooine. With no mortal father the unexplained birth is eventually rumored to have been caused by Midichlorians, of which his numbers were off the records. Marred with tragedy, he would be the Jedi's greatest hope and greatest fear.

32 B.B.Y.:

MOVIE: Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace.

Count Dooku leaves the Jedi order under mysterious circumstances. He is one of only 20 Jedi to ever leave the order. He is taken up by one Darth Sidious and melds his Jedi training, Political views and new Sith learnings to become a powerful wielder of the Darkside. He takes on the name Darth Tyrannus when he is accepted as a Sith apprentice to Sidious. Sometime after the Battle of Naboo the Bando Gora are thwarted by Jango Fett in a bizarre game led by Darth Tyrannus. Jango Fett and the mysterious hunter Montross go head to head to bring in the bounty on one Komari Vosa. It is eventually Jango that comes out on top, and Darth Tyrannus offers him Five million republic credits and a chance at 'Immortality'. He was taken to Kamino and cloned, to be used as the template for the Republic's loyal Army. Aside from the money, he asks only for one thing, an unaltered clone. Boba Fett is born on the planet Kamino. He would rise to follow in his father's Mandalorian footsteps, and live up to the name 'Fett' by becoming one of the most fierce and fearsome Bounty Hunters the galaxy has known, to date.

31 B.B.Y.:

Lando Calrissian is born; Planet Unknown. One of Solo's friends, Lando would rise to both betray and aide the Alliance in the same few years. Although he betrays Solo to Darth Vader, he returns to pay for his mistake by aiding in the Battle of Endor.

29 B.B.Y.:

Han Solo is born on the planet Corellia. Orphan, Scoundrel, Hero -- Solo's life is as turbulent as his prided ship, the Millenium Falcon. He spends most of his life running freight and smuggling where he needed, but eventually ends up with passengers too hot, even for him. Forced into the Hero roll, he befriends the Alliance and is a decisive member in bringing down the Empire.

22 B.B.Y.:

MOVIE: Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones.

Kyle Katarn is born on the planet Solun. A controversial Jedi, in his own right, Katarn personally takes down the 'Dark Trooper' projects and fights enemies on all courts. Given a medal from the Empire, their betrayal regarding his father's death causes him to join the other side, and win important strikes in the name of Rebellion. Mara Jade is born; Planet Unknown. Taken on as the 'Emperor's Hand', Mara Jade is the personal assassin to the most powerful man in the galaxy, and fights with her commands to kill Skywalker, even long after the death of her Master.

Circa 22-10 B.B.Y.:

The Clone Wars end with the dissolution of the Galactic Republic. A pregnant Padme Amidala births twin children, and Obi-Wan kenobi is charged with hiding them from their father, now Darth Vader. Luke is taken to Tatooine, and Obi-Wan watches over him from hiding, living with the step-brother to Anakin Skywalker, Owen Lars. Leia is taken to Alderaan to live as an adopted child under the Organa family, and is raised as a diplomat in the Alderaanian Courts. Yoda goes into hiding on Dagobah Palpatine declares himself Emperor and begins his extermination of the Jedi. Anakin Skywalker 'dies', and in his place Darth Vader arises as the Sith Apprentice to Darth Sidious sometime after the death of Darth Tyrannus.

5 B.B.Y.:

Han Solo washes out of the Imperial Navy when he saves a young Wookie by the name of Chewbacca. Chewbacca is endebted to Solo under the rules of the 'Wookie Life Debt', and become an inseperable pair. Lando Calrissian wins the Millenium Falcon in a hand of Sabaac.

0 B.B.Y.:

MOVIE: Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope. Battle of Yavin - Alderaan is destroyed and days later the Death Star is destroyed in orbit of Yavin IV by the Rebel Alliance. The Rebellion enjoys a shortlived success before Palpatine and Darth Vader launch a brutal hunt. The Rebels are forced into hiding further and further out from the core or in areas bordering Hutt Space.

Circa 0-3 After the Battle of Yavin (A.B.Y.)

With the destruction of the Death Star I at Yavin, Darth Vader leads an elite task force to seek revenge on the Rebel base at Yavin IV. The Alliance suffers some losses, but manage to escape the clutches of the Empire by slipping out at the last viable moment. Among other people, Luke Skywalker aids in the search of a new base for the Alliance. They eventually settle on the world of Hoth, And set up a massive shield generator to protect themselves from any Imperial problems that may come along.

3 A.B.Y.:

MOVIE: Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. 3 ABY - The Empire tracks the Rebellion to Hoth and launches an assault that results in little more than the loss of military assets on both sides. The Alliance is scattered through the galaxy, headed for Wild Space. Boba Fett tracks the Millenium Falcon to Bespin, resulting in the capture of Han Solo and the near capture of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.

Prince Xizor of Black Sun begins his plan to kill Luke Skywalker, but is ultimately outmaneuvered by Darth Vader, who has the same goals. Xizor become infatuated with Leia Organa and Luke, Han and Chewbacca free her from the clutches of Xizor on Coruscant.

4 A.B.Y.:

MOVIE: Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. 4 ABY - The Rebellion, lured by information leaked strategically by Palpatine, engage a massive fleet action over the Sanctuary Moon of Endor. The Death Star II, incomplete but with a functional super laser, is destroyed when ground forces manage to destroy a planetary shield generator. Palpatine and Vader die on the Death Star II and revolution breaks out across the Empire, starting with Coruscant.

The Battle of Arisnar takes place. Assisting the Arisnarian people in crisis, the Rebel Alliance joins the Arisnarians to help relenquish control of their capitol planet, Arisnar, from the mysterious Sideosnarians. The Alliance and Arisnarians take heavy damage in the battle, but eventually come out victorious. Thanks to the undying efforts of many Alliance members, Including Wing Commander Maverick Hyer, the Alliance secured the safety of the Arisnarian people. Hyer sacraficed himself against the Sideosnarian fighters to save the fleeing shuttle of Admiral Ackbar, and is forever martyred and recognized as a valiant fighter and great hero.

5 ABY:

The Battle of Jakku signals the end of the Galactic Empire and the rise of the New Republic. Those Imperial battlegroup commanders not captured or surrendered flee to Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. The Galactic Concordance is signed and The Civil War ends.

The New Repulic reigns as the dominant government, headed by Leia Organa, Borsk Fey'la and others. Two major parties form among the political groups. The Centrists and The Populists. The Centrists believed in a strong central government with a powerful military, and they favored a more authoritarian approach to governing the galaxy. They were often in opposition to the Populists, another political faction within the New Republic. The Populists, in contrast, advocated for a more decentralized government and were wary of centralized power. From within the Centrists the First Order grew, sinking its hooks into aspects of the New Reublic, often thought of as a rumor or a simple extremist group that operated on the fringes of the galaxy, eluding the decentralized New Republic defense forces. The Jedi Order, seeing growth and progress suddenly disappears with the unexpected destruction of its temple home. Luke Skywalker goes into self-imposed exile as the last living Jedi.

35 ABY:

Leia Organa, having led an unscantioned Resistance against the growing power of the First Order and increasing Centrist power, losing her political standing, public opinion and many of her freedoms in the hunt for Snoak. Kylo Ren, a figure of mystery in the Order, said to be The Supreme Leader's direct agent becomes a focus of this hunt until the destruction of Hosnian Prime, the seat of the New Republic. Panic sets in and the Resistance leads a suicidal assault on Planet Ilum, which has been revealed to be Starkiller Base. Many die, and the planet/super weapon is destroyed.

36 ABY:

The war with The First Order culminates with a civilian uprising, after a year of the New Republic's fleet being systematically dismantled and the Resistance Hunted to a mere handful of members - Planet Exegol in the Unknown Regions is found after a galaxywide holonet transmission in which Emperor Palpatine declares his survival and return. The Amalgam Fleet disrupt navigational data and force The Final Order to ground and it is reported that Palpatine is killed during the conflict. The New Jedi Order is birthed. Headed by Rey. The next three years see the New Republic struggling to reestablish order, with regular clashes with the rising Sith Empire and the waning First Order. The Sith Empire has no known controller, but they absorb Snoak's Knights of Ren or kill those that will not be taken in.

The Mandalorians see new growth as well as several clans and houses rise and The Mandalorian Sector is reborn in the Galactic Northeast. Mandalore itself is reestablished as the central seat of power. Mand'alor Djarin is named after a prolonged conflict.

39 ABY:

Chandrila, the new seat of the New Republic is assaulted by Kessa the Empress of the Sith - the First Order is absorbed and eliminated and it's few remaining ships become part of the vast Sith Order fleet. Member worlds of the Senate are struck in a series of simultaneous strikes. During the attacks, Kessa slays Chancellor Lando Calrissian - the strike to The Republic's heart and with Wedge Antille's sacrifice in orbit to buy time for civilians to escape, the last two living heroes of the Rebel Alliance die. Dac, Mon Calamari, refuses to give ground and because of their historical connection to the success of the Rebel Alliance against Palpatine, Kessa orders a Bloodmoon Star Destroyer dispatched. Utilizing Planet Killer weapons, Dac is destroyed in a display seen only in the dissolution of Alderaan and Hosnian Prime. The back of the New Republic is broken and The Sith Empire declares itself the governing body of the Galaxy.

The Jedi Order vanishes as members of its council and Master ranks are killed fighting the Sith incursions throughout the galaxy. Word spreads that the Jedi have been wiped out to the last, including Rey.

46 ABY:

Open insurrection against the Sith Empire is nominally stopped. Kessa's forces continue to work with a noted care to avoid public display. The Sith Empire shows a noted acceptance for Near Human species joining their upper echelons and military elite such as the Stormtrooper Corps. Non-human species that join the Empire tend to be relegated to regular army and lower tier officers.

50 ABY:

Relative peace is acknowledge in Imperial Space. Rumor constantly abounds of resistance to the Sith Empire and a wish for a return of the Republic fluctuate in frequency. The Empire pointedly makes no public acknowledgements, but Imperial presence has noted increases in systems that begin showing less subtle resistance to Sith rule. Peaceful protests suddenly stop and violent insurrectionists quietly go away. Questioners of these sudden bouts of 'peace' disappear. Fear of of being noticed for openly acknowledging these occurrences breeds willful ignorance in populations. But rumor in underworld, smuggling, and less than legal operations speak of a growing, mobile, group that seeks to build a new Rebellion.

53 ABY:

Trickles of reports of a ship traveling the edges of The Slice reach GNN who broadcast about a massive Baleen class freighter. The reports detail rumors of figures with 'Laser swords' rescuing a populace from pirates and further more about several leaving with these supposed Jedi. The anchors who made the report on GNN announce their retirement and disappear from public eye.


More reports of insurrection appear in Holonet reports, some of the anchors retire from their posts or seemingly disappear. The Empire begins seeing disruptions in the Western Reaches and Hutt Space allows them an Embassy on Nar Shaddaa. Rumors abound that the Sith have found a means that neither Palpatine's Empire, either Republic, or The First Order could to levy more than feigned compliance. Or that the Hutts are playing a variation of their Long Game with the infant Sith Empire. Iridonia becomes the first world to have open insurrection against the Empire that gains media attention. Stormtroopers are deployed openly for the first time in 8 years. Prior to Iridonia, Stormtrooper presence had come with increased Imperial presence, but noticeable in their sudden sightings at Peacekeeper Bases.

Outright chaos ensues when conflicting reports of escalation are broadcast across official, independent, and pirate news broadcasts on the holonet. They consist of claims that insurrectionists had fired on themselves during the beginning of a protest or that Imperial Peacekeepers fired on them unprovoked. Amateur footage, that is touted as authentic or condemned as faked, show a green blaster bolt fired into an angry crowd outside Council Hall in Malidris city, injuring a child.

Outrage sweeps across multiple planets and Empress Kessa begins mobilizing the Imperial Navy to positions in anticipation.

The Hutts begin hiring more mercenaries within their borders to keep watch for 'unsavory' elements. Rumors fly that they are secretly watching for any rebel movements and that they may be looking to leaking informartion to Coruscant for an increase in revenue.

The Corporate Sectors borders harden in an unprecedented move. Some speculate that due to their prior stances during both the republics and Palpatine's reign that insurrection movements benefitting from the sector's autonomy will make it a target by Kessa's Empire.

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