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This is a list of the coded weapons currently in the game. Not all of these weapons are sold on Vendors though, most of them ahve to be obtained other ways.

Rifle - Military Heavy Blaster

BlasTech A280 - Rifle
BlasTech DC-15 - Rifle
BlasTech EL-16HFE - Rifle
BlasTech T-21 - Rifle
BlasTech T27 - Rifle
Merr-Sonn "E-Web" - Rifle
Merr-Sonn G8 Blaster Rifle
Merr-Sonn SX-451 - Rifle
Sonn-Blas D-93 "Incinerator" - Rifle
Sonn-Blas F-11D - Rifle
Sonn-Blas F-11S Sniper - Rifle
SoroSuub EZ-Snap Sniper - Rifle
SoroSuub RB-407 - Mount
Th'Ta Manuf. TA-16 - Rifle

Rifle - Civilian Heavy Blaster

D.D.C. "Sport Hunter" - Rifle

Rifle - Military Blaster

Prax Arms AFD-43 - Rifle

Rifle - Civilian Blaster

D.D.C. "Light Sport" - Rifle

Carbine - Military Blaster

BlasTech E-11 - Carbine
SoroSuub Tracker - Carbine

Carbine - Civilian Blaster

BlasTech E-14 - Carbine
BlasTech EE-3 - Carbine
BlasTech H-11 - Carbine
N'gant-Z Blaster Carbine
SoroSuub QuickSnap - Carbine

Pistol - Heavy Blaster

BlasTech DE-10 - Pistol
BlasTech DL-21 - Pistol
BlasTech DL-23 - Pistol
BlasTech DL-44 - Pistol
BlasTech DL-54 - Pistol
Bryar B-R9 - Pistol
Caelli-Merced Series III - Pistol
D.D.C. D-49 - Pistol
G.A. R-40 Stun Net - Pistol
Merr-Sonn "Flash" - Pistol
Merr-Sonn M-434 - Pistol
Sonn-Blas SE-44c - Pistol

Pistol - Standard Blaster

BlasTech DH-17 - Pistol
BlasTech DL-18 - Pistol          
BlasTech DL-30 - Pistol          
BlasTech EL-718 - Pistol
D.D.C. Defender - Pistol
D.D.C. Ion Blaster - Pistol
Kashan XT-1a - Pistol
Kashan XT-2 - Pistol
Merr-Sonn M-44 - Pistol
Merr-Sonn "Quick" - Pistol
SoroSuub DY-255 - Pistol
Theed Arms S-5 - Pistol
Yaeger RR-4 - Pistol

Pistol - Sport Blaster -----------------------------------

BlasTech "Persuader" - Pistol
Czerka 411 - Pistol
Merr-Sonn Q2 - Pistol
Westar-34 - Pistol

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