Caytlin Abbil

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Caytlin Abbil

Title: Huntress
Race: H.R.D.
Sex: Female
Occupation: Registered Bounty Hunter
Profession: Member of the BHG
Homeworld: Minos Cluster
Organization: Bounty Hunters' Guild
Ship: Siren Call

General Info


Caytlin stands just at 5'6" tall. Her proportions are perfect for her size. Almost as if engineered, she is that perfect. Athletic build, she looks to be in her early 20s. Long black hair falls to mid back. Penetrating green eyes peer out of her bangs that hang past pencil thin eyebrows. A small upturned nose and full lips round out her face. Strong shoulders, thin waist and tone legs round out the rest of her.


Disclaimer: All information in this section is OOC unless you learn of it through IC actions.

Caytlyin is a Human Replica Droid (or HRD for short). She is the brain child of renowned HRD designer Massad Thrumble. It took years for him to fully design her, all based on his work with other HRD. But alas he retired before he ever could complete his special project.

Massad's partner is the building of HRDS was none other than Simonelle and between the two they developed a number of HRDs. Upon Massad's retiring, years later, Simonelle was clearing out digital files when he came across a foot note written by Massad about the perfect droid, a female named Caytlin. This perked Simonelle's interest. It took him nearly a year longer to finally get all the details out since Massad was notorious for splitting up his work and hiding key details. But Simonelle did finally get it together. He quickly assembled some very trusted and very talented engineers and they went to work. Another 2 years passed with failures littered behind them as they worked to build Caytlin. But at last she was completed.

Caytlin was "born" at age 19. She, as was what was typical of HRDs, was programmed and trained to be an assassin. She was very good at her job. Extremely good at it. Years progressed as she worked her trade, demanding top credit for any job she took and the customer list was long, very long. But then fate would have it that through circumstanes still unclear to most she walked away from it all. Rumors have it she 'adopted' an orphaned child on Jedha while on a job and something changed in her.

It is said that she raised the child to adult hood and then with little else to do she joined the Bounty Hunter's Guild. She is very successful at it.

While she is nearing 50 years of age her appearance is that of someone much younger, most place her at 20 to 22 years old, which works very well for her. So many underestimate someone that looks that young.

NOTE: By looking and watching Caytlin you could not tell she is an HRD. She bleeds, she breaths and she sweats. She is even advanced enough to become pregnant and give birth to organic life. About the only one's that could tell she is an HRD would be a master engineer that specializes in HRD tech. Even Doctors would miss the fact of what she really is. Unless you know her well and have been told by her you would think her age to be early 20s since HRDS don't really age.


Caytlin has been with the BHG since Gor, the head of the revamped BHG, took it over. She likes the work and does everything in her power to bring her bounties in alive, sometimes this places her own life at risk. She will kill when there is just no other way, but more times than not her marks are brought in alive.


Caytlin is leary of most beings, truth be told. She is fairly quiet, keeps mostly to her self. She always seems to know more than she should. Her mind works lighting fast and she can see where a conversation is going before it gets there. But when she trusts someone, she fully trusts them. But that is the hard part, to gain her trust. She has built walls around her and only those she deems worth does she allow in. Her boss, Gor Bullet is one she trust explicitly.

While some think that Caytlin is standoffish, she really isn't. She is just self protective. She is just judging to see who she can trust and who she shouldn't.


Cay in armor.jpg
Cay in her armor while on a hunt