Chani Tahn

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Chani Tahn

Title: None
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Profession: Musician
Homeworld: Naboo
Organization: The Jedi Order
Ship: Corellian Engineering Corporation HWK-290 Light Freighter "Peko-Peko"


Chani Tahn is a Force-sensitive human female from Naboo and an initiate in the Jedi Order. Following an injury suffered on Chandrila while touring with the Naboo Royal Orchestra, a chance meeting with Princess Aryn Cortess resulted in the physician taking a sample of her blood. Once the test returned the presence of a notable midi-chlorian count, Aryn explained to Chani her connection with the Force. Chani took an official leave of absence from the Royal Orchestra and began traveling with Aryn under the guise of aiding the Alderaanian noble with refugee relief. Unofficially, she left the Orchestra and started training. Since joining the Jedi Order and beginning her study of her symbiotic relationship with the mystical energy binding the universe together, Chani has been at the forefront of some of the New Republic's most ardent battles, such as the holdout at Point Besh on Munto Codru, the Jedi's infiltration of the long-held Imperial planet of Byss, and the Republic's campaign to free Corellia from the influence of the First Order. Most recently she has served as diplomatic liaison between the Royal House of Naboo and the New Republic and as a supporter of House Cortess against usurper Lana Panteer in the on-going conflict between the two distinct power bases in Alderaan's fractured Houses.