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Title: Captain
Race: [[Pantoran with an eye condition]]
Sex: Male
Occupation: Merchant of Naval Supplies
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Csilla
Organization: REDACTED
Ship: Magenta Bandara

RP Hooks

Former Naval Officer - For all her faults as a person... of which, if you asked her, there obviously are none, hence I don't know whyfore I am even writing this disclaimer, Xyo knows tactics, even if certain people claim there were issues in implementing them. They are liars, obviously, and can't match her intelect.

Smuggler - Not that she admits it readily, but... it is what she became

Space Racist - She... is terrified of everyone, honestly, thinking they are up to something. Especially Mandalorians.

Fencer - She is a former Officer. Knowing how to wield a blade comes with the profession in her belief

Neeerd - She knows her ships.

Paranoid Mess - She always thinks everyone means harm