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Coh'Xeeth is a surprisingly well adjusted, bright-eyed and naive slave for the entertainment and service of the Hutt Cartel and their various guests and associates. Born and raised in servitude, she has no real concept of freedom, and hasn't been inspired to yearn for it in any capacity yet, being under the simple minded impression that, Twi'leks are inherently slaves, and can't be anything else. While she doesn't know to resent her station, she at least knows well enough to fear and maybe harbor some well-buried negative feelings towards her owners. But in general she likes meeting people, hearing stories, entertaining folks and making people happy however she can. She is a HELL of a dancer and is usually happy to perform, even if it's on the end of a Hutt's chain.

There's potential in her for... if not greater things, than more dangerous things. She's athletic and dexterous and quiet as a mouse. She hasn't been trained or otherwise called upon to hurt anyone yet, but... if she started - and was given the opportunity to get good at it - she could be a bit of a terror. Not least of which because growing out of the mental box she's put herself in might leave her a bit... addled.

Maybe she'll turn out healthier than that!

Maybe she'll just dance a lot and serve drinks and look sexy.

Who knows!

She's generally property of the Hutt Cartel; who (if anyone) she specifically belongs to could be vague or could still be decided OOCly. Anyone who works for/with the Hutt Cartel or frequents their establishments could already be familiar with her to one extent or another, if you want to work that out OOCly!


Always on the look out for RP making friends or friendly customers; getting bossed around; being put in terrible danger by circumstance or carelessly/mistakenly shared information; being taught new skills; or just serving the various owners and guests of in the Hutt Cartel. Romance, violence, comedy, drama, dark, adventurous, or just casual fun; needlessly over-sexualized or not. I'm comfortable RPing anything from G to NC17+ rated, but I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, so I can dial things down or up with an appropriate nudge, or head's up beforehand. ^^

You probably won't be able to talk her into running out on the Hutt Cartel, especially if she barely knows you, but you can try! She might call security though, for trying to 'steal Hutt Cartel property'. Conflict is fun! ;)

(Also... yeah, I know. I promise I'm super interested in story/character stuff, regardless of how the theme looks. ^^)


Coh'Xeeth was never taught her native language, so she will not be able to understand anyone who tries to speak Ryl to her. That could be fun!

The outfit color in the picture is... not canon.



A more accurate version of Coh'Xeeth's default slave/dancer outfit. Only red, and without the gloves, boots, cape or, uh, skull belt.