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Colo ekes out a living at various Sabacc, Dejarik, and Hintaro tables where the stakes are high, but not cutthroat. He dares not risk his savings, but knows that working his way up is key to securing the vast amount of credits he needs to gain his fortune. When he's not gambling, he favors less mind-wracking entertainments such as reading crime stories and watching the latest holos. He's always after a good, high-stakes hand or other thrill as long as there's money or favors on the line.

Character Themes and Tone

Risk and High Stakes




Business Deals

Contacts Made

Valeska Kora Wife - The gambler's made slightly more than fast-friends with one of the Kora clan by means of sharing noodles, a Corellian heritage, and some thoughtful nights. A frighteningly exciting woman with a rough penchant for getting into danger. His adoration for her continues to grow despite failures at civilizing her wild ways. In turn, she's managed to wring an oath from him that is one of the few he doesn't regret.
Amallia Madine Captain - Colo serves on Mollie's ship as resident math wiz and accountant ensuring that the operation remains solvent and, mayhaps, profitable. Saluting optional.
Tan Rackus Mechanic - The wily Twilly has taken on the role of professional mekkie and fixer-upper on Colo's cargo ship. Generally fixes more than she breaks, though watch the lekku.
Hahtavi Kora Mandalorian - Another Kora clan-contact. This one seems even more dangerous than the first. Still, better to know a merc and not need one than the alternative.
Rook Dealer - Local purveyor of fine goods on Nar Shaddaa. Knows how to have fun and has a wicked sense of humor. What else does someone need?
Fyrris Vochar Moneybags - Nar Shaddaa "entrepreneur". Owe this sentient way too many credits.
Zavr Drick Mechanic - Colo doesn't know what to make of this seemingly-shy Zeltron, but at least he seems to know how to fix up things at Pakko's. For that, if nothing, he gets bonus marks.
Kalys Remshi Water Peddlar - Colo's contact on the wretched scape of Tatooine. His business contracts with her make the planet almost bearable.
Rieve Selki Fifth Son - This wayward princeling was met on a lark at Colo's bar and the two hit it off famously over drinks, art appreciation, and admiration for one-another's fashion-sense. Colo will be welcoming Mr. Selki further into the belly of Nar Shaddaa going forward.