Corr Waldin

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Corr Waldin

Title: Explorrer
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Explorer
Profession: Mercenary
Homeworld: Unknown
Organization: Explorer's Guild
Ship: Z-95 Headhunter "Bereft"


Theme song guy


No one knows exactly where Corr is from or who his family was, other than poor farmers on a backward planet in the Unknown Regions. He grew up in the fields and around livestock, pushing plows and fighting off predators. His father continually glorified the role of protector and servant, painting their relatively meaningless existence as some sort of integral cog in the grand scheme of the universe. It was scant consolation for a boy who saw half of his siblings die from scarcity and lack of access to medical aid, but the regular beatings he received from his father when he failed to fill the role sufficiently ingrained a grudging pride and quietly hoarded rage in Corr's heart. By the time he was eighteen, he'd already endured harsh winters, blistering summers, weeks of hunger, and years of pain tending to the nerfs that kept his small family alive. Things went downhill from there.

Explorer Corr's Explorer Corps

After leaving the Resistance and nine hard months of leading the Civil Defense Force in an attempt to reduce the crime and corruption on Nar Shaddaa, something finally clicked in Corr's head. The next day he restarted the Explorer's Guild under his own direction, closing the doors on CDF and starting the first chapter of a brand new start. The crew varies, but the one thing that is always the same is the crazy adventure. For the first time in a long time, he's having fun and making a positive impact at the same time. Who knew you could do both?

Corr Values

  • Strength: the capacity to meet force with force
  • Courage: the willingness to stand up in the face of danger and oppression
  • Mastery: the skill and tactics to overcome an opponent
  • Honor: one's reputation as a protector

RP Hooks

PTSD: Corr has been through some stuff. He might be able to help you out with what you're going through, or at least tell you a pretty good story, if you can get him talking.

Strong: Corr is pretty capable. He's spent his entire life in physically demanding occupations and situations, so if you need someone tough that can lift heavy things, he's a good choice.

Country boy: Corr is mostly unfamiliar with the city and urban manners, other than to the degree needed to successfully navigate streets and buildings in a tactical manner. If you need someone who can operate in the wilderness or you want to show him what a good time in the city looks like, hit him up.

Map the Stars: Corr is the director of the Explorer's Guild, always in search of adventure and excitement. Do you need help recovering/finding/discovering something? Or would you like to tag along and do the same? Talk to Corr, he's a nice guy.


ISTJ - Strengths: Honest and Direct | Strong-willed and Dutiful | Very Responsible | Calm and Practical | Creates and Enforces Order | Jack-of-all-trades

Weaknesses: Stubborn | Insensitive | Always by the Book | Judgmental | Often Unreasonably Blames Himself