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Planetary Background and History

    "Coruscant, the capital of the Republic. The entire planet is one big city."
       - Ric Olie

Coruscant, also known as Imperial Center during the reign of the Galactic Empire, was a planet that served as the galactic capital and seat of government of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire, and was the homeworld of the human species. Coruscant was notable for its vast urban sprawl covering the entire planet called Galactic City that was constantly awake as airspeeders and starships moved in the flow of Coruscant's skylane traffic. Skytowers reached far into the atmosphere and, in the most dense areas of the city, hundreds of levels were built on top of each other. The highest surface was Level 5127, and the lowest was Level 1, which was deemed uninhabitable. The lowest levels of Coruscant were called the underworld which had been cut off from the surface for thousands of years, forcing its inhabitants to breathe toxic fumes, and was accessible only by huge portals reaching ever downward.

Coruscant had a cosmopolitan atmosphere, and as the seat of galactic government, it was also the center of galactic culture. Laws and galactic policies were decided by the Galactic Senate, and the Supreme Chancellor had his residence on Coruscant. It was also from Coruscant that Sheev Palpatine established his rule as emperor. After the destruction of the Death Star II by the Rebel Alliance, Coruscant's population rejoiced, overwhelming the planet's stormtroopers and pulling down statues of Palpatine to much accord.

Current In-Game Districts

Botajef Spaceport
The Botajef Spaceport was the largest spaceport on Coruscant.

Independence Center
This was the wealthiest district on all of Coruscant. It held the finest in shopping, dining and recreational 'surface level' activities.

Jedi Temple
The Jedi Temple plaza once served as the central location for the entire Jedi Order. It was a massive complex and collection of surrounding buildings.

Senate Complex
The Senate Complex was the single largest building on the planet of Coruscant, until the Emperor's Palace was constructed and took that title. It served as the central location of the Galactic Republic for generations. Its mushroom-shaped central facility was arguably the most identifiable building throughout the entire galaxy.

Calocour Heights
This district was a series of skyrises and city canyon-ways. It was primarily a residential / commercial zone for the middle class. Though its lower levels saw its fair share of criminal activities.

Coco Town
Coco Town was the largest industrial/commercial zone on Coruscant, though it also housed a fair amount of employees that did not wish to have long commutes to work. Here is were the primary bulk of Coruscant starship production factories could be found, as well as a large amount of Droid and Weapon designers.

Uscru District
One of the largest locations for entertainment on Coruscant. The Uscru district housed countless theaters and nightclubs. Its shining neon-colored advertisements could be seen for miles along its skyline, beckoning visitors to its wild nightlife.