Cyriana Nevran

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Cyriana Nevran

Title: Miss
Race: Human Replica Droid
Sex: Female
Occupation: Holostar
Profession: Actor
Homeworld: UNKNOWN
Organization: None
Ship: None

Basic Information

Having just finished a short fanciful mini-series about a CorSec police action that subdued a dangerous gang uprising, she's currently on Nar Shaddaa for the shooting of another Holovid series about a group of Smugglers that are embroiled in a conflict with security forces and other Smuggling organizations. The Series is called: Black Hulls.

Note: She is an HRD (Human Replica Droid) but she is almost impossible to tell apart from a human. If you feel like you should know, please page ahead of time.

Current Holo as Cyriana Nevran:

Black Hulls (1158) - Series
A new holo-drama series with a healthy dose of action scheduled to start in Relona of 1158, filming starting in Yelrona.

The story has been hinted at being a Holovid that follows a group of Smugglers named "The Black Hulls" which ply their trade on Nar Shaddaa. The smugglers frequently run afoul of the Hutts, local law enforcement, and other Smugglers to create a mix of action both on the ground and in space.

Episode 1 - Pilot
Episode 2 - Pirate Dash

Previous Holos as Cyriana Nevran:

Chrome Stars (1156-1157) - Mini-Series
A holovid Miniseries that ran for around one year in total. The Holovid followed an elite group of Corellian Security professionals all done in an action/fanciful setting where they systematically shut down a hostage situation at the C.E.C. main headquarters.

It was based, incredibly loosely, in an account from a long time prior when an unknown Bounty Hunter took over the corporate headquarters during an invasion of Corellia.

Long Short Haul (1155)
A holovid about a particularly dangerous haul through Hutt-space by a freelance trader. Cyriana played the lead roll as a woman who fought tooth and nail to get the cargo through a rather shaky bit of space to a world suffering from a plague. During the course of it, it frequently showed her floating through the small freighter in zero-g to "save weight" and more than a couple action sequences during a failed boarding attempt of her ship.

It was generally assumed to be a rather lackluster movie mostly used to draw people who were more interested in watching Cyriana swim through the shots while in zero-g. Just about all the random "facts" the vid used to explain the reasoning was debunked as completely nonsensical.

Blood Prince (1154)
A film about Mandalorian culture and code. Cyriana was one of the sisters of clan Jendri, the sister who challenged her brother for control and won it in a frenzied fight that ended with her running a knife through his neck.

It was hailed as holding true to the spirit, and in the same breath as being a bit hokey with the rest. "Long shots" often referred to as a couple hundred yards away and requiring a sniper rifle. Pistol fights that were more of a duel than anything else.

Naboo Ravage (1152)
An ingeniuous Marine Biologist and his daughter form a partnership with a spice addicted spacer to discover more about the depth of the planet core. A Bounty Hunter is after the spacer, their lives will never be the same again.

Cyriana's breakout roll, the film was a total flop but most agree the daughter (Cryiana) at "16 years old" helped make it more bearable. Barely.

Previous Holos as Nicole Sterling:

Marked as in her early to mid 30's (possibly older) and still looking just like she did for her first film, she changed her name and appearance while staying low - using an injury as an excuse for her "early retirement" of Nicole Sterling with a new actress coming up named Cyriana Nevran a few years after.

Jedi Warrior (1148)
Set during the forming of the Empire after the issuance of Order 66, Dale Hazmouth plays a Firaxan Shark expert who discovers a Jedi on the run in a Manaan research lab. That is, until a member of the Inquisition threatens the team.

Nicole Sterling played the part of a female Jedi who became a Marine Biologist in an attempt to escape the Empire, hiding out on a research lab deep under water. Rumor has it, during the final shooting there was a tragic accident with an actual Firaxan Shark. Nicole Sterling retired soon after shooting. It was considered her best acting to date and the film was put up for several awards (Though they won none).

Deadly Airships (1146)
A fantasy holo set in a world before space travel, a group of pilots fight in an mythical war where users of an unknown Arcane magic wield fireballs and enchantments rebel against a world of technology. It follows a shortened air campaign that was outlined in the holonovel.

As one of the pilots, Nicole Sterling got a good bit of screen time and was considered a good fit for her character as an elf (they're like Sephi) who rebeled against her world of magic to fight against them. It was well received, though highly criticized as a thinly veiled attempt at furthering the First Order's fight against the mythos of the Jedi.

Deep Assassin (1144)
Deep Assassin follow the one-of-a-kind saga of a soldier that forms a duo with an assassin turned small second-hand holo owner on Corellia. A Coruscanti man tries to sabotage their partnership turned romance.

It was an absolute flop, bombing in the theaters and even in holovid sales after. Nicole Sterling was the lead actress and it as widely considered she got the role only because of her previous mini-series. Her acting was considered sub-par along side the male lead with no chemistry in what was meant to be a romantic relationship.

Dying Target (1140-1143) - Series
A series of short stories, each season was broken into different stories of a an assassination executed by a female ISB agent back during the height of the Empire. Everything from killing a Captain of a Star Destroyer, hunting down a Rogue Jedi, and even assassinating a senator.

Nicole Sterling was the lead actress in the series, and while it had a rocky start, she became known as a femme fatale because of it and her acting was considered pretty good by the end of it. Rumor has it they were all based on true stories, but the validity of it is still up in the air.

Everlasting General (1139)
A high school teacher by day, an ice sculptor by night. Dale Dood finds a terrorist group with a heavy proton torpedo warhead. No one believes him and he and his class must stop them before it's too late.

A second role, mostly because of her young looks, she fit in as one of the older high school students and drew people because of it. The movie was a flop.

Final Justice (1137)
One saga, one family man. A hoverbus conductor by day, a thief by night. When Paul Earnesting finds a reformed Kessel inmate with a hope to become something more, a new comradeship is formed. The saga of their crime spree on Coruscant, set in 1128.

Nicole Sterling's first major role as the 18-year old daughter, though based on dates she was 20 at the time. Her looks got her the role and it was considered a lackluster acting job.

Extras (1132-1136)
She played many random parts. Stand in, background characters, with no real noteworthy roles. She mostly was paid under the table. If it was looked into why, they would all state she was under age without parental consent as she was 17. No one really pushed to find out the truth.