Daebryn Reth

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Daebryn Reth

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Drug Dealer
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
Organization: Defiance
Ship: N/A

Early Life

Daebryn Reth was born in the Corellian district on Nar Shaddaa to Kaicha and Samzsai Reth. Daebryn was the youngest of two. His mother, Kaicha, was a pilot for a small cargo shipping company. His father was a stay-at-home dad, as Kaicha could often be gone for days, and sometimes weeks. They lived modestly, but not poorly. As Daebryn grew to be a teenager, his mother began taking him on cargo runs with his older brother, teaching them how to fly. This continued until Daebryn was sixteen, when his father, Samzsai developed a gambling problem. Samzsai gambled away most of the family's wealth while the family was away on cargo runs and began secretly making trips to the Ko Hentota district to borrow money, unbeknownst to his family. This only bought him a few months before his debt was called.

Daebryn was a wild, manipulative child in his early years, often provoking his older brother, then turning around and crying for his mother once his brother retaliated. Eventually this crude manipulation got old and he began daring other children to take risks and cheating at playground games with them. Despite his parents' punishment, they never were able to break him of his love of toying with other people. He did, however, bond with his mother during those long, quiet trips to some planet that always -seemed- so far away from home.

Daebryn seemed to be the most calm and focused with the rumble and hum of a starship engine in the background.


A mess of waves that looks like no effort has been put into them whatsoever rolls free down the back of this man's neck. Daebryn stands at and even 6', and his frame is on the stockier side. HIs eyes are a dull hazel and they seem slightly lidded, as if he was tired. His nose is strong, and in contrast, he has small, full lips. A shadow seems to hover around his not-so-wide jawline. His hands lack callouses, and are slender. When he speaks, his voice is of medium pitch with some vocal fry to soften the edges.